Rise Of The Phoenix Book

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Rise Of The Phoenix


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Zara Phoenix had been raised alongside her brothers without their parents. Her older brother Dylan had raised all of his siblings in a street racing gang where they all had involved in heist and illegal street racing. The Phoenix who had been protective on their sister had no idea that someone was looking for her. Someone from the past. Someone that she doesn't want to encounter with anymore. Theseus Balthazar is a leader of a powerful gang that had been dated back from his grandfather. He took over when he was sixteen after the death of his parents and since then had took revenge on their murderers. Years past and one day, he encountered with a schoolgirl in a coffee shop but unfortunately, realizing that he looks dangerous, she disappeared and he never saw her again no matter how hard he searched for her. One day, Theseus's precious cargo was taken by the government and he was determined to get it back, which bought him to sought help from a street racing gang. What happened when he finally saw her again, looking more mature after years of searching for her. Will there be a spark? Or will there be a war? Read on to find out.


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