1 Chapter 1: The birthday

I just woke up after a 3hrs sleep, This summer I got addicted to online games that's why I always sleep late.

Now I just got a 3hrs sleep because it's my 18th birthday I don't know yet what are we going to do, I go straight to my bathroom to do my morning routine and take a bath, I spend 20mins in the bathtub.

I almost fell asleep again but I heard a loud banging outside my room.

"Aruna! Aruna! Aruna wake up!" Said Jamie, My best friend since kindergarten, she is also our neighbor with her family.

"What is it?" I asked while tapping the water dripping from my hair.

"Your Grandma Victoria is having a heart attack again!" she said.

What!? why now!? it's my birthday *pout* I quickly wear my clothes and run to my grandma's room, but she's not there so I immediately go downstairs.

I go straight to the living room but she's not there, so I ran to the kitchen and I saw her standing next to the sink the lights are out.

"Lola?" (Lola means grandma), "are you okay?" I slowly walked straight to her.

I almost reach her but suddenly the lights turned on and they all came out from the dining room holding a banner and singing.

"Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!" They all sing, my grandma turned around smiling while holding a cake saying "Happy 18th birthday Aruna love, grandma" she's really sweet when it comes to me.

"Happy birthday Aruna! We love you!" Jamie's Family said.

How I wish my parents are here with me right now.

My grandma said they died because of a car accident while going to a business trip, My grandma hides a lot of things from me, I don't even know my relatives, that's why Jamie's family is also like my family already.

"That's not a nice prank Lola," I said, "I almost slip on the stairs!" They all laugh, so I laugh with them.

"Aruna! Come here!" Jamie shouted from the kitchen, while I was here at the balcony feeling the cold wind, Summer is about to end and we are going on a trip tomorrow with my grandma.

"I'm coming!" I shouted back and went to the kitchen.

I don't know where are we going, but she said we are going to meet our relatives, I can't wait till tomorrow.

"Come here iha, you have to slice your cake," Grandma said.

She believes that you have to cut first your birthday cake so that your wish will come true, but I don't believe it, I always wish to see my parents but it never come true since I was 2 years old I always wish for that. Until now but still nothing.

After I slice the cake they all celebrate and slice the cake to many cuts so that no one will fight over a cake.

"Hey, there una! why are you here? you don't wanna join us at the dining table?" Jamie said, came out of the middle of nowhere.

"I'm fine here, I want to feel the air," I said while closing my eyes and feeling the air touches my skin.

But Jamie ruined the moment she blows into my ear, she really knows my weakness, "Jamy stop! It tickles!" I said while laughing, she continues blowing into my ears so I tickle her into her tummy.

"Una stop!" she said while laughing, "I surrender!" She acts like she's holding an imaginary white flag.

We continue laughing until we are out of breath.

"You hungry?" I asked, "Yeah kinda come on let's eat," She said and stand up, And I stand up to.

"Race to the kitchen!" I shouted and run, "You tricked me!" Jamie shouted back.

"Hey! Stop running you might hit John!" Auntie Janice said.

Jamie's mom, John is her little brother.

"I won!" I shouted when I reach the kitchen, "You're so unfair! I demand a rematch!" she said and laugh.

"Come and Sit down girls, It's time to eat!" Grandma said.

"So are you ready tomorrow iha?" Grandma asked me.

"Wait, ready for what?" Jamie asked.

oh no I forgot to tell Jamie.

"Oh, Aruna didn't tell you?" Grandma said.

Jamie's eyes are very curious and mad right now.

"Aruna iha, how about you tell her I'll just go to the restroom," Grandma said.

I nod, and she left the two of us at the dining table.

"Forgot to tell you about our vacation to the unknown place," I said while looking at my plate.

"It's okay just have a safe trip," She said, I looked at her and I saw her smiling.

Know it's not okay with her, her smile is fake, I know she's overreacting but after spending our life together.

We always have each other every vacation.

"Look I'm sorry Jamie, I know you're mad but grandma said we are going to meet our relatives," I said.

"Who said I'm not fine with it Jamy? I said it was okay, now eat your food peacefully" she said.

I don't really know what's our relationship sometimes we act like a couple, I don't get it.

Now she's mad because I'm not bringing her with me on this vacation.

After I ate clean the table and wash the dishes.

I don't know what to feel, Guilty, or Mad.

"Hey," Jamie said, I was shocked.

I almost released the plate in my hands.

"I'm so sorry Aruna," She said while looking at her shoes.

"It's okay Jamie, I'm sorry too," I said and offer a hug.

she hugged me back.

"Well see you soon then, How long are you gonna be there?" She said.

"I don't know maybe 3 days," I said.

"Call me okay?" She said.

"Of course I'll call you," I said.

"Well then I'm going home now It's already late, and we are also going to the church," she said.

"Okay! Bye jamy" I said.

"Bye una!" She said while waving.

Why Am I feeling so sad? It's just gonna be 3 days.

After I wash the dishes I go up to my room and sleep.

I woke up at 9 P.M and saw grandma packing up clothes.

"Lola?" I asked.

"You're awake quick go take a bath we're late for our trip," she said.

"But it's 9 P.M why are we going on a trip in the middle of the night?" I asked.

"No more question, just take a bath," She said, So I go to my bathroom and take a bath.

After taking a bath I pack my things in the bathroom.

"Lola? Why are you packing all my clothes?" I asked.

"Why not we are gonna stay there for a while, until we're not safe here," she said.

"Now quick packing your things, I'll wait for you downstairs, ask me questions later," She said and left my room.

But how about jamie.