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Vernon Dursley was waiting in King Cross for his nephew. Twelve years he had put up with all the freakness, but no more. He finally found a way to get rid of his nephew for good. The boy didn't know what he walking into.

Harry Potter was tried he had a long year. With all the heir of Slytherin stuff and killing a Ancient Basilisk. He just want some peace and quiet. Knowing he would not get much of that with his relatives. Getting off the train and walking though the portal. He sees his uncle waiting for him.

"Let's go boy. We don't have all day." His uncle said and trun to walk out of the station. After putting his school things in the car. He got in only to be knocked out cold. Vernon look at his work smiling at his knock out nephew. Tieing him up he then got in the car.

It took two hours to get where he was going. The boy was still out cold thanks to the medication he was given. Pulling up to the place a man was standing outside. "I brought the boy like you asked now where is my money?"

The man look at him for a bit before hand him a suitcase. While Vernon was counting the money the man took Harry out of the car and pop away from the seen.

Meanwhile in The Ministry of Magic Amelia Bones was sitting at her desk. Talking with a friend she had lot seen in a long time. When her friend when into a trance and said.

/The one with power to destroy the Dark Lord has been betrayed for the third time. Once by the Ministry, then by the Hogwarts, and finally by family. He is to be taken to the cursed wolf. To be bitten by the cursed wolf but the curse shall be broken. A new kind of wolf shall rise with more power. The Dark Lord shall run in fear.../

*BOOOM* "Amelia we have a problem" Albus Dumbledore said as he came into the room. Looking at what was going on Amelia close her door with her wand. "Sally we have to talk about this later can you come by my house later?" "Yes I can do that Amelia. See you later."

After Sally left and closed the door. Amelia look at Dumbledore and said. "Now what seem to be the problem Professor Dumbledore? πŸ€”" Albus took a minute to sit down and then said. "Harry Potter has been sold by his uncle to the werewolves. We need to find him now our world depends on find him."

Amelia look at him for and said nothing. Thinking πŸ€” about all she seen and hear in the last few minutes. She know that Dumbledore was keeping information that could be vital. Now was not the time to get into that.

"I can gets some Aurors together and go find the boy. Do you have a way to find him faster? If so we need it now Dumbledore." After she that she walk out of her office to get a team ready to go.

Albus knew that he could not tell her about the blood wards or tracking. After thinking a bit he call for Dobby. Telling him to work with the Aurors to get Harry Potter back.

Harry Potter was starting to wake up from the medication. That was put in his system by his uncle. Looking around trying to see where he is. He see that he chain to a platform. In the middle of the woods and a full moon is rising.

(Greyback) "Well boy looks like you are awake. Good this won't take long at all. I have a message for you to deliver to the traitor Remus Lupin. Tell him this is the pirce he paid for his disobedience.


Dobby had just pop into view in time to see Harry being bitten. Not thinking about the Aurors. He poped to Harry knocking off the werewolf and taking him back to were Amelia Bones was waiting.

Amelia and her team was waiting on the house elf to come back. When he pop in with a wounded Harry Potter. Calling for a healer to come see about the boy. When Dumbledore , Cornelius Fudge and some half toad looks lady in all pink. Came in the Aurors department looking for an update.

The healer was trying to examine Harry. When she back up and look at him in surprise. Harry, standing barely. His left shoulder was stained in dark red blood that flowed all the way down his chest and left leg to the ground, but that was not what held her attention. Where Greyback and bitten and torn his shoulder open more of those liquid black shadows were failing around like tentacles. Silver grey streaks were traveling were traveling under his skin from the bite wound down his arm and across his bare chest. She watched in morbid fascination as the werewolf infection, as that was the only thing it COULD be, traveled up the veins in his neck, his face and then to his eyes. Eyes that suddenly filled with black, deep dark black were there should have been white. His eyes remained emerald green but gained a silvery reflective like quality like moonlight. Then the silver spread up to his scar, "AAAAAHHHHHHH!"

His good right hand came up and slapped against his scar which started glowing a sickly red and black as soon as the silver and grey touched it. Her attention was still solely on Harry though as she noticed the red and black light coming from his scar was getting brighter and brighter despite being covered by his hand.

It was though a damn broke and a second voice, much louder and screeching overshadowed Harry's screaming. A giant blob of red and black ectoplasm blasted from his forehead arcing into the air before forming a deformed looking face. It lasted several seconds before disappearing into nothing. But it didn't stop there, the thing that had been inside Harry's scar was gone, but the silver grey were still spreading all across his body, and then he started to change. "AAAHHHHWWWOOOOLLLLLLLLL!" First his screams of pain morphed into a echoing howl louder and more terrifying than anything she had heard before. His skin all over his body started to turn from tan pink to black. He whole body started pulsing and bulging and with each pulse muscles started forming, sleek and defined and strong. Nothing like the sickly thin limps of a werewolf. Short but thick black fur began to sprout all over his body as black as his skin as his muscled arms and legs began to grow. His fingers staying long slender digits but growing thick curved claws at the ends. His ankles turning into reversed second joints as his feet stretched and widened to allow him to balance on his bigger body. Finally his mouth and jaw stretched into a black furred muzzle and the change was complete. Wind seemed to be whipping around the wolf Harry in a cyclone and the shadows around him as far as she could see were twisting and dancing.

She noticed that new Werewolf that Harry had become was complete different from what had been seen before. A normal Werewolf was 7 feet tall thin grey and hairless and above everything else he looked sickly, hunched back and no tail with paw hands that could grasp nothing. Harry on the other hand looked healthy. There was no other word for it. He stood taller than 7 feet and though he had a youthful thinness about him it was not a sick looking thin. The muscles that covers his body were so well defined she thought they must have been sculpted on him and the Fur that covered him all over looked silky and soft in the moon light. The ears on top of his head swiveled back and forth and his head turned so their eyes met and help. She gasped seeing the awareness behind his eyes, she could have sworn she also saw a crooked fanged smile directed her way before looking at everyone else in the room.

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