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Rise of the Divine Empire


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Really some of the best i've written on this site. Really interesting world and cool characters (maybe show more of Enki's smartness) What's most lacking is probably the consistency of uploads but I'm hopeful, and really looking forward to the next chapter!!


Amazing story, i love the power struggling stories of weak MC growing in power and gathering friends and followers to build a top nation. the author made this story in a unique way. i won't spoil but i highly recommend everyone to read this.


So, the construction of words and sentences are great, the story progress is stable and the character are unique and likable. World building was also great, there are kingdoms, not just the one that was first introduced. Great job! I expect the quality to maintain itself as it's being made!


The first prologue gives a good idea of what the world is and where the characters will be going in the future. The writing is done well I only found one type but then again I might be the one in wrong. Emotions are portrayed well and the plot has been set in motion. I'll be sure to keep updating my reviews as I continue reading on.


Man... don't even know what to out here. The characters are amazing, your way with words and the way you structure the world is inherently interesting than most novels I have read. It would be an understatement to say that this might probably be one of WebNovel's most underrated books.


Excellent grammar and a nicely built world. Good flow with a captivating start and a story filled with political schemes. Good work author,keep writing.


This was absolutely amazing! I really enjoy how the story is panning out so far as well as the structure. It felt so smooth that it truly brought me into the story. Definitely something I have to add to my library.


I feel your stories off to a great start. The quality of your work is good, your characters are likable, your grammars good, and the world you've created is interesting. Nice job keep it up


Ahhh! I love this so much! I couldn't read much beyond the prologue at this second because I'm at work, but OMG! This is such a small thing, but I truly love how at the beginning it tells where we are, the year, etc. Love that! This author has truly created their own world, and I'm ready to read more! soon as I get off from work!


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alright here my review the story is interesting and well detail in the long chapters which is also good, but you don't want to make that to long unless it a epic fight happening. Character are good looking forward to learning more about them. Don't understand why the prologue was turn into 5 part hopefully the author could explain that.


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This is my first novel so far. Personally I think this will be worth a read and I hope most of you will at least give it a chance. If it feels like it isn't your cup of tea after the first 5 chapters or so, I completely understand. It would be much appreciated if you guys would comment on what you liked or disliked in the novel, so that I can try to improve myself. I'm not a native English speaker so there probably will be some grammatical errors so I hope you can just ignore them and focus on the story itself instead.