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Rise of the demon king


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If you find me shameless for leaving my own review so be it however do not dare say I'm lying in my opinion. the quality is going to improve as the story goes on this is my first book. the stability is subjective what truly is stable what is time if in my eyes they are daily updates they are daily who are you to challenge this monarch. the development of the story shall be the veil you will wait for and the design of the character could be worked on. I have many characters each different. if you dare say my world is less than 5 stars ill crucify you this is a world of dreams and nightmares the world far exceeds the small country of Silas where does the world begin and where does it end. there is no limiter on how much I write other than my lifespan and how much I can upload and world count and many other factors such as space-time reality and others however this is only the first of the lost paths(debatable). but I dare say I deserve your stars if not me then who shall gain the stars we refrain from giving. there shall always be a new hope as long as we are willing to fight. to be greedy for no cause is disrespecting the sin of greed and I can only say that I am ashamed.