Rise of The Crimson Empire!
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Rise of The Crimson Empire!


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What is Rise of The Crimson Empire!

Rise of The Crimson Empire! is a popular web novel written by the author CrimsonNinja, covering KINGDOM-BUILDING, SYSTEM, VAMPIRE, GIRLS LOVE, FEMALE-PROTAGONIST, OP-MAIN CHARACTER, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 207.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 9 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 39 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


So your probably wondering “What’s this Crimson Empire?” Well it’s a long story and not something that I entirely expected to happen but no use crying over spilled milk right? Right? I’m not sad about it just it’s a lot of responsibility okay? Wait what? Who am I? Well of course the beautiful, smart, kind ruler of this empire of course! My name is Iris Crimson, the vampire queen of this empire and also a former human from my old world who lived in the United Kingdom. I was once an assassin who lived and worked in the UK until a little mistake was made when a newbie somehow detonated a bomb next to me. Right how stupid must he be but I don’t really care anymore I have a new life that’s so much better and I’ll tell you about it. Don’t expect regular uploads, mainly writing for fun but if you do enjoy it let me know! Thanks!


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Pls update soon T-T !! Cant wait to read next chapter... .................................................................................................


Shameless Author here, with a shameless review. I wrote a novel recently, which is Call of Ring. It was my very first attempt at writing, and there may be some mistakes and errors in it, but I still feel extremely proud of it and enjoy it thoroughly. Please give my story a try and leave some comments for me. Thank you! https://rb.gy/5s05wc


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Really good story just wish there were more chapters


well, the story is pretty wholesome, but realistically not really for me lets go through the list the writing is not bad, actually pretty good, however its not very story teller like, it has the kind of 15year old teenage girl vibe and the child like excitement, the story is written more like a blog or diary, but thats mostly a neutral since its more of a preference thing updates are somewhat slow, but its an amature novel and people have real life too the story aint really for me as i said before, its very slice of life like, i went into it with more of a kingdom building novel in mind, so for me its a bit meh characters are alright, both main characters are fairly fleshed out for a 30 chapter story the world is pretty well described not overly detailed, but it gets the job done just fine


The story is amazing and fast development of the plot. There are some spelling and grammatically mistakes but nothing making it unreadable. The way the mc interacts with the reader ie saying “hi there” at the start and presenting it as a diary type writing style is interesting. The only criticism is the mc should talk more and interact with other characters


absolutely love it! always looking forward to the next chapter. At the moment this is definitely my favorite novel to read. if you are looking for a good fantasy story with a good female lead i suggest you give it a try!


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