1 Six Path Reincarnation

''Luo Chen from now on you are officially conferred the title of 'Martial Devourer', do you accept to swear loyalty to the Martial Goddess of Slaughter? ''

'No ' responded an hoarse voice, that single Word was as loud as a thunderclap that echoed, that traveled thousand's of miles before disappearing in those myriads of clouds, hearing that reply the middle-aged man didn't even raise his eyebrows it was as if he expected it, ''So you should know that because of you refusing to swear allegiance right now your bloodline is now forbidden to enter This dimension''

after hearing no response the middle-aged man asked ''do you accept this sentence ?''

'' I do'' that hoarse voice once again sounded out but this time it was as if, that voice who was once filled with the power to shake heaven and earth was filled with weakness.

''*snort* Finally that son of bitch is going to disappear ! to dare to refuse to submit even after the Goddess personally asked him'' Said a bald man with Red beard with an imposing figure, he said so quite faintly but knowing that everyone here is of the highest standards of expert of this world, everyone must have heard it, even though everyone was limited by the Cosmic Law surrounding this world.

And at that moment a powerful aura started to oppress Luo Chen and a young women's voice cold as ice sounded out 'You have three hours to leave the domain'

''Yes'' once again that hoarse voice sounded out and it felt like that voice contained a lot complicated feeling after that acquiescent Luo Chen disappeared, the whole Hall relaxed after his disappearance it was as if that being that was sentenced was greatly feared by the people present in this Hall.

Beneath the sky tower, Luo Chen appeared, without anyone noticing he walked at a speed which even light itself can't reach, he then reappeared in a room where we could see multiple items disappearing one after another and then with a light sign Luo Chen muttered 'greed is the greatest sin'

He then disappeared once again this time we could see a flash when he rapidly flew out of the city, when he arrived in a mountain range which once again spanned to a distance indiscernible by the naked eye, Luo Chen used his sense to make sure that no one was near him.

Afterward, Luo Chen whispered with a hint of mockery ''I shall take my leave Goddess'', as the voice disappeared we could see a gray colored energy gather around him, Luo Chen took a wand horned with a blood red skull of a wolf, the wand flew out of his hand in front of him, and an ominous grey aura could be felt all around the wand and that aura started to quickly spread around him.

As that ominous aura began to spread out, a gigantic array formed by thousands of Dao Master was rapidly approaching Luo from outside that dimension, behind that array explosion of chaotic energy were endlessly spread over the whole space, the chaotic energy not only surrounded that dimension, it was also spreading formless waves of destruction.

The skull on top of the wand started glowing red lights with a blood red colored gem appearing in the eyes of the skull, Luo Chen finally chanted in weird tone and a mixed language, then everything which touched the grey energy started disappearing slowly the entire region seemed to disappear.

And there was the only void left in that mountain range, a few minutes later that void closed itself. That day an entire mountain disappeared but no mortal or even Lower level Dao master even reacted at the disappearance it was as if the mountain never existed, to begin with.

''banishing me from this dimension is the same as giving me a death sentence, those bastards... Well, to think that one day I will really use that art, that cursed arts'' while saying this, a middle-aged man was holding a book covered with weird and ominous inscriptions, these inscriptions felt like they were alive and calling the middle-aged man to open it

'The arts of Six Paths Reincarnation', was appearing on the cover as the middle-aged man circulated a bit of his energy inside the book.

''it's said that I can't step on the same path that I currently am, that madman created this art and said that there was one in quadrillion chances that I can step once again on the same path, huh, six paths, human path, beast path, chaos path, plant path, mineral path and death path. The best path for me would be the human path, after all, I until this day I have cultivated as a human being but i should be able to survive in whichever path it leads me to, I have found a peak cultivation techniques in every path except the beast path, there are too many beasts, there isn't a general way to cultivate in the beast path and the greatest seal of the beast path is that beast use their bloodlines to reach maturity if I do not possess a good bloodlines I won't even be able to cultivate as a beast and I would be fated to die'' silently muttered the middle-aged man while looking deeply on the book that revealed 6 different markings which had a different aura from each other.

''That madman said that in normal case if a human use this technique there is 1/5 chances to step into every path except the human path which almost can't be stepped on. I, who was said to be the strongest beings of my world being forced to use this secret escape art, Escape more like suicidal arts hahahahhahhahAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA, I endlessly fought against destiny many times, my path was closer to death than life and I still'' maddening laughter escaped the middle-aged man's lips with a laughter so loud that it repealed the chaos energy all around him the black hole like eyes of the man were leaking blood as the laughter echoed.

This time the energy intensity surrounding the middle-aged increased even more quickly and they quickly gathered inside the book, the book was devouring rapidly everything the middle-aged gave it and the more it devoured the brighter its blood red light shone.

The middle-aged man's hand started withering rapidly and a blood-red light was growing rapidly from his arms to everywhere on his body, that bright red light enveloped the middle-aged and started expanding and the surrounding energy was devoured more and more quickly.

The man's body aged as the red light grew.

''Soon, soon I will come back soon and I swear upon my name! I, who has been conferred the Daoist name Devourer and by birth name, Luo Chen who follows the Dao of Slaughter shall not come back until I have the strength to destroy all of you'', as that eerie corpse looking person finished his statement, space crumbled all around himself and then he disappeared.

A few seconds later, mist like substance gathered and formed a woman's face, she indifferently looked around. Above her, a tiny array appeared and shot out a beam of yellow light that tore space as it passed through the face of the woman.

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