1 Dying Man

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With the cry of pain and sorrow a paled faced soilders walked out of the forest covered in blood and torned clothes.

"Captain! Please leave this place immediately! The beasts are coming! You must leave as soon as possible!" Said a subordinate soldier with anxiousness and fear.

"What the hell had happened? Why are you in this condition?" Asked the captain while holding the trembling body of the soldier.

"Sir... we were attacked..... by a group of dark wolves. Our army of 5000 soldiers are almost all dead, and the remaining followed the commander Rudolf and the magic grandmaster, barely managing to escape." Replied the soldier with his trembling voice.

"How is this possible? They have a magic grandmaster with them. They should be able to easily defeat those low-rank wolves from the outer range." Said captain in shock.

"Sir Captain you are right, but we were attacked by a pack of rank three dark wolves led by a rank four wolf king. It was only thanks to the grandmaster's treasure, which created a barrier to stop them, that we are alive. In the process, the grandmaster got injured and ran towards the northwest to divert the attention of wolves, we don't know how he is right now...." Replied the soldier as he fell unconscious.

Looking at the unconscious soldier, the Captain called out for help.

"Someone come and bring this man to a healer, and pass on the message to pack up. We are leaving within two hours. Also, call Ben, I need to talk to him."After some time, Ben came running while breathing heavily.

"Captain, did you call me?" Asked Ben looking at the Captain.

"Yes, I have a task for you. Go northwest. There is a small town there, and if the grandmaster was able to escape, he would probably head towards the town. Leave as quickly as possible and head towards the town. I would go there myself, but I have to report this matter immediately to the command headquarters." Said the Captain.

Listening to the Captain's order, Ben left after making his preparations for the journey.

Seeing Ben leaving, the Captain couldn't help but pray that the Grandmaster was already there or he would have to face the wrath of the Court Grandmaster, who was his master.

In a small town, a young boy was mediating to sense the magic flow around him. His name was Kai Seft and he was only 3 years old this year. Just this morning he had awakened his mage root, which was very rare for a child of his age.

A awakening of mage root represent that. He can learn, adapt and remember more than the child of his own age. I also represent increase of mental strength. All of these will be effected by the rank of mage root. Higher the rank of mage root; faster is the growth and development of mind to its limits.

One year ago, his parents told him about the magic users who could fly through the sky, destroy mountains and could create a city within a day and started to dream and admire them from that day onwards. He wanted to become one and now that he had awakened his mage root, he was closer to his dream, but his dream was broken as he opened his eyes and saw a man covered in blood approaching him, step by step, and collapsed one meter away from him.

As he saw this, he got shocked and horror started screaming at the top of his voice.


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