14 Chapter 14

Nero walked in with the other students and looked at the ceiling.

' I swear magic never stops amaze the looker. The night sky that's being presented looks incredible. That and the fact that none of the candles are dripping wax, which is even more incredible. ' Nero thought.

Nero stopped thinking before looking at the sorting hat in front of him.

" We will now begin the sorting ceremony. " Professor Mcgonagol said.

She started naming different students as they walked up to the hat. Nero was one last few since his name started with an N.

When professor Mcgonagol stopped at his name she paused for a moment.

" Nero Black. " She said. Instantly all the students and teachers looked at him. Nero didn't say anything as he walked to the hat in a relaxed manor.

He placed the hat on his head and felt someone look through his mind.

" What's this we have tranmigrator. "

" Well you tell anyone? " Nero thought.

" Nope. I can't speak about any secrets from those I see. Anyway let's get you sorted.

Gryffindor. You are brave but you like to use logic and dont rush in blindly like the others.

Hufflepuff. You are loyal however it's only to those who you consider friends or family.

Slytherin.Very ambitious and are exceedingly cunning. You'd fit right in.

Ravenclaw. Intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge.

I think the best one to put you in is Slytherin. Don't you agree? "

" Nope. Put me in Ravenclaw. "

" Oh why's that? Slytherin seems like the much better option. "

" It might but I would like to stay under the radar. Besides who would go to the house known for being cunning." Nero asks with a mental smirk.

" Hahahahahahahah.. So true. Well then I believe the house your best suited for his Ravenclaw. " The hat shouted.

Nero took of the hat and went to his house table. There was some clapping from Ravenclaw but it wasn't much.

Nero didn't mind as he sat down. He ignored Dumbledores speech and started eating.

' The food here is good but there isn't many healthy food here. I'll go to the elves and ask them to make me some food.

Besides I'll have to deal with Dumbledore. He might not have given up so there's that. I'll make sure to blend in. '

Dinner went on fine as Nero eventually ignored by his house and other people.

They went to the entrance to the common rooms where the prefect explained what to do.

Nero answered the door and was allowed to enter. He ignored everyone and went to look around.

Once everyone came in the prefect congratulated him for solving the answer. Nero politely accepted the complement and didn't use the pureblood act.

Once at the prefect was done explaining, Nero went to his room. Ravenclaw and there own rooms so Nero went to his and locked the door.

' For this year I'll make sure to get the best marks in theory but for practical I'll get at least above average.

This way I'll stay under the radar and Dumbledore won't see me as a threat.

Sigh but that's future me's problem. For now let's sleep. '

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