13 Chapter 13

" Sure come in. " Nero said politely as the red head nodded as he came inside. He sat down opposite to Nero as Nero went to his seat.

Nero said nothing to him and went back to laying on the seat. The red noticed but hadn't commented.

' Hmm Charlie Weasley. He's in his sixth year. Sigh not even at Hogworts yet and already have to be on my gaurd. The Weasleys work for Dumbledore and while he might not the chances are slim so I shouldn't risk it. '

" So what's your name? " Charlie asked.

" It's common courtesy to introduce yourself before asking others. " Charlie looks surprised before calming down.

" Right my name is... "

" My name is Nero Black. I'm 11 years old and going to school that teaches magic. " Nero said in a monotone voice cutting off Charlie. Charlie on the other has his eye brow raised in interest.

' So he likes jokes. Sigh somehow dealing with Fred and George became useful. But hes also a black. Guess my suspicions were correct. '

" Nice who meet you. My name is Charlie Weasely. "

" Hello. Which year are you in? " Nero asked.

" I'm in my sixth year. " Charlie replied.

" Really can ask you questions? " Nero asked.

" Sure. "

" How are we sorted into our houses? The Hogworts history book doesn't give that info." Nero asked with curiosity.

" Well if I did that then it wouldn't be fun. " Charlie said with a smile.

" Okay my turn. Which house do you think you will get into? " Charlie asked.

' Hmm ill just make myself neutral. '

" Hmm I think I'll be in Ravenclaw. I like to learn so I think that would be the best place. "

" I see. "

" Can you tell me about the castle? " Nero asked.

" Hmm nope. " Charlie said. Nero just stared at him.

" Okay keep it your self. I'll just see it with my own eyes. " Nero said as opened his book and started reading.

Charlie didn't say anything as he just started reading as well.

' Seems he isn't dark.Mother keeps saying to avoid pureblood but that's because of the war. She doesn't look at the neutral pure bloods who didn't participate. Percy will tell her after the ceremony since he's a mama's boy.

Besides this guy doesn't seem bad. I'll talk with him in my free time. Plus he's silent and isn't broody. ' Charlie thought.


Soon it was time to get off the train. During the ride Nero and Charlie actually and a pleasant conversation mainly on muggle world after Nero explained that he was raised there.

Charlie explained the wizarding world. They mainly talked about sports and had a good time talking. They also talked about stories. Charlie recommended some stories to Nero.

Once the train stopped Nero and Charlie parted ways as Nero headed towards Hagrid.

Nero hot on the boats as he looked at Hogwarts.

' It's better in real life. The sorting will begin and then my heritage will be revealed.'

Nero walked up the stairs along with the others before they stood at the door. Professor Mcgonagall then explained to the them the basics of the houses and house points.

Before long the doors opened as the first went in to be sorted.

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