Rise of Fire: Dragons Reborn Book

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Rise of Fire: Dragons Reborn


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Dragons have been dead for thousands of years, after the conclusion of the Great Demon Wars they simply dissapeared. The legends grew as memories faded and eventually they were nothing more than fanciful tales recanted to children. That was until the legends of demons started to awake, old memories may have faded but they were never gone. Talia was born to a world of darkness run by slavery, death, and inequality. She was raised as a weapon and used to kill mercilessly. One day while finishing up a particular job fate strikes and her world is changed forever, she may have never been raised with fanciful stories but when one sees a dragon theres simply no explaining it away. Bromyr was born a dwarven prince to a dying kingdom. Desperate to change his people's fate he embarks on a dangerous journey with a small band of trusted friends. He knows the tales of dragons and demons were real, he saw the proof. In fact he even knew of a story depicting a glittering ruby egg... Follow the story as these characters start to unravel the truth beneath a fractured world. Demons have awoke from the shadows, so too will the dragons. Will war ensue again? Will the dragons reawaken the flames within the people and their kingdoms? Or will the fire end up consuming them all?


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