547 Nine Sun Ring Domain

Because of Feng Yun, the war between the sovereign of both clans became more intense and bloody.

On the ground, Feng Yun and Meng Guan finally met. Meng Guan led her groups to Feng Yun. Her group and Long Shu arrived in front and confronted the Lin Clan's people while Feng Yun and Meng Guan stayed a little behind.

The Meng clan's people won't let Meng Guan fight in the front line while Feng Yun just used a lot of his spirit qi and soul force, so he stayed behind to recuperate.

"Feng Yun!" Meng Guan called out excitedly as she come close to him. If it wasn't for the war, she would have thrown herself into his arms.

"Hello, Feng Guan!" Feng Yun showed a mild smile as he greeted her by her previous name.

Feng Guan was naturally greatly surprised and stunned by the arrival of Feng Yun. She exclaimed out in surprise, "Feng Yun, how come you are here?"

"Just come here to meet you!" Feng Yun replied with a smile. "It's been a while, how are you?"


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