460 Four month, Peak Stage of Sky Profound Realm

After the battle, Feng Yun's reputation drastically increased in the eyes of Fan Clan people, especially the young generation. Some young men already started treating him as their idol, on the other hand, young girls were love-struck by him.

Right now, Feng Yun was sitting cross-legged inside a room, holding a small jade box in his hand. A Red Colored Lotus was placed in the box. It was a gift from the master for winning the battle against Fan Xiulan. 

The Heavenly Red Spirit Lotus.

The Heavenly Red Lotus was a Heaven Grade Spiritual Treasure of Pure Yang Element. It could provide a great amount of benefit to a fire element cultivator. To Feng Yun, it was naturally a very precious treasure.

Feng Yun didn't waste a second and started refining the Heavenly Red Lotus. He decided that he would break through the Peak Sky Profound Realm directly, then prepare for the Heaven Profound Realm. 


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