1 Chapter 1

Sea Calendar 1496.

The Goat Island is located in the first half of the Grand Line.

The Straw Hat team will stay here for a few days in the future.

It is an island with a rich mountain range and forest. At this moment, a wild beast roar sounded from the depths of the forest, which started a lot of birds flying into the sky.

I saw a big tattooed tiger with a length of seven or eight meters, and ran out of the mountain forest, losing one's head out of fear, splashing a large piece of soil baring fangs and brandishing claws, as if there was some predatory beast behind him. Weeping and ran away with her tail tucked in.


Sunlight poured down through the lush branches, and a golden-bright and dazzling figure suddenly appeared, crossing a distance of three meters in the blink of an eye, appear out of thin air kicked the tiger's ass.

With the wailing sound, the tattooed tiger flew out, rolled up the dirt and grass scraps on the ground, rolled around like a ball for a few laps and then smashed under a giant tree, leaning back and forth quickly climbing up and grinning. It was supposed to be formidable and fierce, but at this moment, he lost his dignity as the king of the forest. Instead, he was begging for mercy and grievance.

"You seem to have lost weight recently!"

The golden-bright and dazzling approached, Gaia Kaos looked disgusted.

Year after year, from the beginning of crossed over, it has been three years since he came to this World.

He was calm at the beginning of crossed over.

After all, there are millions of seniors in Earth Village who get the pig's feet script every month, so they can walk on the path to Godhood, sling all enemies in the world, and finally sit on the throne that the world can only look up to.

It can be called the road of a generation of counterattacks.

Crossed over this thing is just a job, except for a little excitement and freshness at the beginning, afterwards, it feels dull and boring.

When he crossed over, it was Sea Calendar 1493, which was a bit early!

Sakazuki and Borsalino only joined Marine that year.

Doflamingo, who was born king that year, will kill his father.

The world number one beauty Boa · Hancock was just born that year.

In other words, Kuzan has not yet joined Marine, Gol ·D·Roger has not yet become Pirate King, Marine's current Fleet Admiral is a steel frame, and in the future, Yonko and Oka Shichibukai, some will only show their edge, some Still innocent and cute child paper.

As for Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to be a Pirate King man, it may still be liquid.

This era is the era of the legendary powerhouse in the future.

It can be called a flurry of demons!

As many people who are chosen by nature, Kaos still has the most basic cheat benefit.

It's just the kind of basic welfare cheat that has already been bad.

First: Automatically learn Pirate King's language and characters.

Second: Because of the crossed over, the innate talent, soul, body, etc. get the second development.

It can be seen as a genius from mediocrity.

Then there is no more.

Yes, at first Kaos still doesn't believe it, but three years have passed.

Life has to go on!

However, Kaos had a dreamy start, which can also be said to be good luck!

at first crossed over I was holding my urine, and I found a place to solve it. I found a golden-bright and dazzling thing with a curled pattern on it, which was familiar to me. .

Kaos heartbeat was a beat slower at the time.

Forcibly hold the urine back, pick it up without too much dirty, it smells like urine!

The Devil Fruit of golden-bright and dazzling, you can see it is Logia · Pika Pika no Mi!

At the beginning of the game, we went to Peak.

He has never eaten shit, but with Devil Fruit falling off his stomach, Kaos feels that he has taken the 1st step in his life, shit is more delicious than this thing!

It didn't take long for his face to turn green.

This is not the Pika Pika no Mi he wants.

It is Paramecia · Gold-Gold Fruit.

The theater version of Golden Emperor Gild · Tesoro's Devil Fruit is now cut off by him.

But after disappointment, Kaos got excited again.

The dream of the last life can be realized in this life!

Pirate King and Marine King are low. Isn't it popular to become the richest man in the world?

What can be solved with money, what is it?

Look at who is not pleasing to the eye, bounty is tens of billions, and some people do things for him.

This corrupt and disorderly world can be manipulated with money.

Then Kaos calmed down after getting excited.

Considering the current situation and the fact that he is a weak force, he decided to stay for a few years.

And this is three years!

He has been on this island for three years, even if there is a merchant ship or even Pirate in the middle, he has no plans to leave.

Make up your mind to be strong enough to protect yourself before you go out, it's still a high-profile wave!

Everyone takes the script of the protagonist. You must speak arrogantly, and the road must be wild. Otherwise, how can you be worthy of the sky and the ground?


The big tattooed tiger's eyes revealed humanized anger and stubbornness, staring at the golden eyes and slowly backing away.

Since I met this human three years ago, its free days have gone forever.

The standard of living was once reduced to poor households.

Whether it's windy or raining, the guy in front of me is regardless of weather conditions to find him. At first, he chased him, but slowly he didn't know what was going on and he was chased. Ran away.

Since then, its spirit is decadent, and the tiger's life has dropped a thousand zhang in one fall.

The only comfort is that there are two guys with it.

For example, a lion with a hot head in the mountain next door, and a Crocodile with armor in the largest river.

Once upon a time, the three of them divided the entire mountain range, and they were well-deserved forest overlords.

But now everyday all is in dire straits.


Kaos stretched out the golden-bright and dazzling arm, and took the initiative to get to the big tiger's bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

Looking at the golden arm in front of him, the big tattooed tiger looked humiliated, opened his teeth and bit his mouth with bitterness.

"Use some strength."

Kaos was a bit dissatisfied. This guy didn't even leave a tooth mark. The bite force disappointed him, and he was obviously hurt before.


Take out all one's strength, and the big tattooed tiger wailed. It really wanted to kill this guy, but it was too hard!

"It's useless, you're still the king of the forest."

After a while, Kaos looked at his yellow cheat arm, which didn't even have a trace of marks on it. It was brown in color. The yellow-black striped body wiped off the saliva, and then turned over and jumped to the tiger's neck to look at his golden hands, whether it is hair or eyes, all body is transformed into gold at this moment.

During the past three years, he has exercised regardless of weather conditions such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. for many years, and he has become inhuman for many years. In addition, he has been crossed over, which has led to the promotion of innate talent and physique in his soul. There is already a little self-protection.

Gold-Gold Fruit has also been developed to a certain extent.

Not only the whole body can be turned into gold material, but also the body shape can be changed arbitrarily.

Thoughts move, the whole arm wriggling quickly transforms into a golden long sword. It can be said that Kaos can be transformed into a golden weapon all over his body.

Just the little tiger under the ass, bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, can easily break a half-meter thick tree, even rocks can be broken, but now they can't leave on Kaos. Tooth print.

You can imagine how strong Kaos' defense is now.

In addition, the presence of gold can be sensed within a certain range.

In addition to the strengthening of physique and the development of Gold-Gold Fruit, Kaos has had a surprise in the past three years.

That is one of Rokushiki·Shaving.

Just three months ago, he had a cultivation success.

About Rokushiki, anyone who has seen Pirate King knows.

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