1 Prologue







" Omni Flame King, give me the gold marble else I will kill your daughter"

Omni Demon King roared. The voice of Omni Demon King resounded millions of miles in the realm

"Despicable Omni Demon King, To obtain the golden marble you ever wanted to break the rule of the great Almighty"

"Ha. Ha... Once I obtain the golden marble I don't need to fear the great Almighty"

"First Hand over the marble else I will kill your daughter"

Omni Demon king smiled and touched the necklace present on his neck then a beautiful female who looked around 22 years appeared, she had white skin and beautiful eyebrows with a perfect body shape which can make all other beauties envious, her eye pupil is in red and yellow colour which looked like a flame.

Omni Demon King put his hand on the head of her and said "This is your last chance to save your daughter else I will kill her, Hurry up and Handover the golden marble"

"Father save me "

"Father save me"

.....she cried.

"Dark Cold Flame please don't hate me this time, but the marble is more important than you to me, I am sorry"

Voice transmission sounded in the ears of Dark Cold Flame.

Hearing it, Dark Cold Flame felt severe in pain her heart, since childhood her father treated her as most important jewel as she was a sole descendant of him, her father gave her everything she requested but today her father doesn't want to rescue her just because of an object she lost in her thoughts.


Omni Flame King shouted

"in your dreams"

Omni Demon King put his cultivation pressure on the head of Dark Cold Flame,

Dark Gold Flame closed her eyes to accept her fate

At this moment

Four Silhouettes emergency emerged in their surroundings

"Omni Flame King, I heard you owned the golden marble"

A slender woman with a green and purple coloured body and has snake scales all over her body which acts as clothes to her spoke.

When Omni Flame king about to open his mouth

"Hurry up and hand it over to me Junior"

An old-looking man who wore brown coloured Chinese hanfu shouted.

"Omni Poison king, Omni Aqua King, Omni Soil King and Omni Hate king

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Let's collaborate together to take the marble, for now, we will decide the owner of the marble later."

Omni Demon King's voice echoed in the ears of the rest.

The four silhouettes looked at each other then

"We agree"

They said simultaneously.

The five people turned their head towards OmniFlame King with greedy eyes

"This is bad "

Omni Flame King sighed in his heart.

Once they closed the distance between them and the Omni Flame King,

Omni Flame King's body radiated red and yellow colour and the next moment he disappeared.

"Crap, he ported"

A handsome and cool faced guy who wore a blue-coloured robe said it.

"Don't worry, Omni Aqua King, he can't run away I put my demonic tracking mark on him"

as Omni Demon king said this, the four silhouettes looked at him,

When they turned towards Omni Demon King, they saw nothing definitely he went to chase the Flame King they thought.

"Damn, that demon will get the golden marble"

the remaining of the four had a well-built sturdy body, who did not open his mouth till now that is Omni Soil King said.

"Let's wait for them here"

Old man Omni Hate King suggested.

"We agree".

The others said and started to wait there....meanwhile no one noticed Dark Cold Flame's disappearance...

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