rise of a god


Prologue (680 yrs.)

"There is nothing we can do for him now. His injury is beyond healing." Said a girl with blue-diamond shaped pupils. The girl was squatting at the side of an old man's body. The old man lifted his hand towards another boy with red-diamond shaped pupils and the boy moved to the side of the old man. As the other girl moved away, the old man whispered into the boy's ear, "Run Marco! No matter how strong you become, I will find you. I swear I will kill you for all this! You and everyone involved. Hope you remember the power of immortality you now bear, came from me." Marco moved back then said in a sad voice, "No! Dad no. I won't do it. I promise to take care of them but that, no I won't do it." He paused then looked at his siblings then turned to the old man, "Oh hey! Why don't you ask Rico to do it after all he is the only one among us with a stone heart." Marco moved towards Rico and pushed the now confused Rico to the old man's side. Rico looked at Marco then squatted and moved his ear towards the old man's face, "Rico my son. Mar…co, he is the one who…" the old man let out a loud groan as Marco's flaming palm landed on his chest. The other two moved towards Marco and Rico. "What did you just do you fool!" said the girl with blue-diamond shaped pupils. Marco just smiled and said, "Ice down Sally, I just did as he asked me." Sally kept on moving towards him and said, "Which is?" Marco looked at the floor then said in a low melancholic voice, "End my suffering." The words seemed to have a freezing effect on everyone. Sally, who was just a few steps away from Marco, took a deep breath then asked, "What did you just say?" Marco looked up to face Sally, "He said I'll be the one to look after you, after all his belongings. He told me that I'm the one to wield the Crystal scepter and …and he told me to … end … his suffering." Sally's knees gave way she collapsed. Marco moved towards his father's seat and sat on it. He moved his to hold the scepter but as soon as he touched it, it disappeared. "Maybe it's because you hesitated to do father's bidding." Rico said still kneeling beside his now fading father. "Maybe, but with or without the crystal scepter I rule over you, and everything else, so bow to your king." Marco said and a crown made of fire formed just above his head. "I am the new elemental leader." All his three siblings bowed to him then stood up. Then Sally said under her breath, "After all its father's bidding, I just wish Sern was here."

* * *

Chapter One

"Jake! Get down this instant! I have work to do, places to be and no time to waste just because you don't want to go to c at his uniform, a long black trouser a white shirt and a tie. "No mom, I'm not going anywhere, not in these things" he said then looked at the clothes again. He ran his hand through his black spiky hair thinking what to do! What to do! Then the idea hit him. He took the iron box, connected it to the socket then turned it on. He placed it on the back side of his pants and watched the iron box melt its way through the fabric. He placed it on the right side and as it had done on the left, it melted a hole through it. Satisfied with his work, he unlocked the door. His mother got in and in a swift move managed to land a slap squarely on Jake's cheeks. "Put on your uniform and follow me to the car." She had started to turn when Jake called her and said, "Mom, am not wearing anything with holes on it." His mother turned to him cheeks red with anger. She looked into his eyes then said, "What holes? On what?" she sounded mad and outraged. Jake walked to his bed and lifted his trouser. Jake moved the trousers up making him peep through the hole. His mother so outraged walked fast towards him and pulled the trousers from his hands. "What! Jake do you know how much this cost?" Jake rolled his eyes and answered coolly "don't know, don't care." His mother's hand swept through the air missing his head by an inch. This time he had ducked in time to miss it. He scampered to his bed as his mother's nostrils flared with pure rage. "Oh! Today am gonna kill you!" Jake faked fear then said, "come on mom, you're joking right?" His mother moved towards him hand raised over her head. When her hand landed, it was jakes back that received the impact instead of his face. He had jumped away but was some seconds late and the slap caught him mid-air making him cough and tumble to the floor. His mom was already working on his defenseless face even before he regained his composure. When his mother was done delivering her blows to jakes poor face, it was stripped with red marks where the fingers had landed. The pain on jakes cheeks was unbearable. The fact that he did not cry surprised even him. His mother threw the trouser to his face and said, "Put on that trouser and the shirt. Meet me in the car in five minutes. You don't make it in five you walk to college. And I doubt you even know it." She started walking towards the door then stopped and turned back to Jake. She cleared her throat then said, "And hey, don't forget the tie." His mother left then went downstairs Jake looked at the trouser then his wrist watch. There was no way he was wearing that. He went through his closet and took his pair of black khaki trousers. He put them on and hurriedly put on his shirt. He carried his bag and his tie in his right hand. He ran down the stairs and to the car. He was about to open it when he noticed his mother in the kitchen. He went back to the house and took the coffee and sandwich his mother had prepared for him. They went to the car, nobody talking to the other. When they got in, his mother started the car and drove to the gate. She removed a gadget and pressed a button on it, the gate opened letting them out, when they were out of the compound, she pressed the gadget twice and the gate locked. The hose door keypad turned from green to red the indicated the words 'LOCKED' in bold letters. She drove on, an awkward silence prevailing in the car. After some minutes of contemplation, Jake broke the silence, "I am sorry mom, for w…" his mother interrupted him before he even finished, "Don't be, son, I was the rush one," She paused for a moment then went on, "I failed to understand that it's your first time in college. I forgot you are a grown up and need to make your own decisions. But this is seriously about your life." She said then drove the rest of the way in silence. The MGC Institute was an incredible sight to just look at. The tall buildings inside the closed gate gave him somewhat a glint of adventure. "Now go on. I don't have all day you know." His mother said a smile planted on her face. He opened the car door then stood at the gate, just admiring the school. What was I even thinking to refuse to come here? His mother got out of the car then stood beside him, "If you don't like it after today, I will find you another school before the week ends." He turned to his mother and hugged her. The unexpected action left her too surprised to even hug him back. "Thank you mom, but I think I'll have to learn to live here." He said as he moved back to enter the school. His mother remained at the spot still standing looking at him, the surprised look still on him. He was about to enter the school when the gateman stooped him. "I will need your pass so as to let you in." He turned to his mother, who then, still surprised started searching her purse. After some time, she pulled out a white card with a stripe of blue at the top and a black stripe at the bottom and the words mgc's new student. His mother passed it to him, her hands almost trembling. He took the card, eyed his mother suspiciously, and then handed the card to the waiting hand of the gateman. He turned to his mother then said, "Mom, is everything alright or is something wrong?" His mother looked at him with fidgeting hands. She took a deep breath then said, "It's just that you gave me a shock." He looked at his mother's eyes then asked, "How the dickens did I do that?" His mother stopped fidgeting then answered, "Let's just say you did something you have never done since we moved here four weeks ago." His mother turned away and walked to her car. He waved at her then shouted, "Bye mom. "His mother drove off and he stayed there looking at her car as it disappeared at a bend. He turned back to the gateman then said, "Sorry

Sir!" The guy lifted his eye brows then said, "Don't worry yourself about it. I get a lot of that." He gave Jake a warm smile. Jake found himself smiling back. "Welcome to MGC Jake Nersvia. I trust you are going to love it here." Jake took the card the gateman was handing to him. The gate opened and he entered. The cool breeze that met his face was nothing short of amazing. "This is gonna be fun." He thought of removing his sweater but remembered the shirt beneath it. That disgraceful thing.

Chapter Two

His confused state made him stop five steps away from the gate. He turned to the gateman then asked, "excuse, would you mind to...advice me where i should go next." The gateman looked at him then as if he was shocked he talked, "Do you mean you are new here?" Jake looked at him confused but still answered, "Yes. I thought you looked at my card. May i know why you asked?" the gateman looked at him again, then asked again, "then where is your uniform?" Jake touched his chest sympathetically, he looked at the gateman for a moment then slowly shook his head and said, "you see, my little sister worked on my pants butts yester night." The gateman looked at him disappointment in his eyes then turned away, pressed a button then talked to a receiver, "He has arrived...yes...but I don't think you will love hi tongue...wait and see...ok...fine." he turned to Jake then said, "then principal is ready to see you." Jake turned to go but then realized that he did not know where he was going. He turned again and started, "sir would you mind to di..." But the gateman interrupted him saying, "just walkthrough the schools hallway, up the stairs to the third floor, turn left near the portrait of queen Elizabeth, the first office on your right, you wont miss it." Jake turned and left without looking back. His head singing, hallway, third floor, then right. He got to the schools hallway and almost cried out loud. Every student in this damn school had wearing no uniform. Then why the hell was his mother forcing him to wear a uniform. He managed to get to the principals office where he found a woman in her mid forties. The brown hair on made her look somewhat younger. " welcome Meister Jake Nersvia. Please have a seat." Jake looked at the lady, her French accent easily noticeable. "thank you madam." He said as he rested his butt on the soft cushioned seat. The woman looked at jakes files then looked at him, she buried her nose back ion the file then said, "So, Jake Nersvia, incredible name by the way, what made you change your mind about our school?" Jake looked at the woman then said, disgust clear in his voice, I see you have been talking to my mom." The principal smiled then said, "worry not, I do talk to a lot of parents. If you know what I mean." She paused then went on, "so, what made you change your mind? Am curious to know. "Jake thought for a second then looked at the woman, her youth still so loud, then answered, "am doing all this for my mom." The woman leaned back on her seat then said, "wow! So cute. "Jake looked at the woman then thought was she expecting something else? Excuse me, would you mind telling me what you think changed my mind?" the woman looked at him for a second then said, "Hhmmn, the inquisitive and careful type. I like you and am eager to know you." She paused creating a silence that seemed to sweep through jakes nerves then looked at him and said, "well, I think its destiny that brought you here." Jake stifled back a laugh but something like a giggle escaped his lips. "Yeah, yeah. I get that a lot." Jake managed to regain his composure then asked, "Madam, if I may..." The woman stretched her hand, gesturing him to go on, "why am i the only one wearing uniform to college?" The principal smiled at him then said, "Now that's something you will find out yourself, or lets say first timers usually wear that and I want to see your trousers." Jake looked at his trousers and wondered is she that good? How could she tell? He ran his hand through his hair and the mid night black spiky hair ruffled. "That you'll do tomorrow, today, well today you need to know about the school! She took a microphone pressed a button then said into it, "Lisa Moldavia, please report to my office." A few seconds later, there was a light knock on on the door. "come in." Said the principal.

Chapter Three.

A girl with blue iris, brown hair and a body to talk of came in. She stood beside Jake and it took all of jakes energy to prevent himself from drooling. "you called ma'am?" the principal looked at her then at Jake, who had now become dumbfounded