7 Revealed


"It's impossible" shouted Chitra. She looked ready to throw the system at Chaya.

"You..You..You ugly girl! You think you are good. You cheated. "You are a cheater".

"I am not a cheater" calmly Chaya said. "You are. The 100 swords attack which you used is supposed to be obtained only after completing a month mission. You had only 2 weeks. How did you do it Chitra?"

For once Chitra was dumb. Everybody watched the whole drama silently. They were shocked with Chaya's bold moves and skills. They realized there is more to the girl than they knew. Before anything else can happen Lab-B teacher came hearing all the commotion. She sent everyone home.

For the next week Chitra's bullying increased. She continuously targeted Chaya. But now she had friends who helped her. Next thing they knew Chitra was called into the principal's office and suspended. Her parents took her transfer.

Even her father was kicked of the board. It seems he was trying for re election as board chairman. But he was sued by Battle Planet Company for bribery.

Later Chaya found that on the day of battle Akash actually bought a recorder to show it to Anuj. Also Tarun immediately alerted Anuj when Rajesh lost his cool in class. Anuj posted the recording along with the surveillance video to the Battle Planet company. When they received it they looked into the issue and took actions accordingly.

Chaya with her new found confidence and friends continued to become a better video game player.