5 Plan

After school completed Chaya immediately left for her house. Meanwhile Tarun told Rajesh about what he heard. They both along with Akash decided to go to Chaya's house and discuss the situation with her. Tarun and Rajesh left immediately, but Akash had to stay behind to complete his class monitor duties.

As he was coming out of school Akash saw a suspicious scene. He saw Chitra's father the Board Chairman shaking hands with a man in blue suit. He also gave him a black briefcase. Akash felt he the man in blue suit was familiar but was not able to recognize him. After that they both left. Seeing that there is nothing else to do he got onto his bicycle and went to Chaya's house.

Meanwhile in Chaya's house

Anuj saw that Chaya is in a bad mood, but he did not know what to do. Just then Tarun and Rajesh came.

"Can we talk to Chaya? We are her classmates." Said Tarun. Both Anuj and Chaya were surprised as Chaya never had any friend visiting her. They went into the living room and sat down.

"We need your help" said Rajesh without beating around the bush. "Tarun heard you saying that it takes atleast 3 months for a person to complete the mission to get 100 swords attack. We also know that it is very hard to complete and very few people have it in their attack list. We also know that only the people who completed the mission will know the exact time it will take to achieve it. Today Chitra used 100 swords attack. But everyone knows she started playing only two weeks ago."

Even though a little shocked Chaya said "I know what you mean. I am also very angry she cheated in the game. I am ready to help you but I don't know how."

"How can we do that? We do not have any proof" asked Tarun. Everyone fell silent thinking about it. Just then bell rang once again. This time it's Akash.

"Looks like the meeting is on" said Akash.

"You also realized what happened?" asked Chaya surprised.


"But we cannot do anything without any proof", cried Tarun.

"I just saw something. I don't know if it will help or not" started Akash.

"I just saw our school Board Chairman meet someone familiar and give him a briefcase. I thought he looked familiar but I didn't recognize him. Now I do" said Akash pointing at a picture in the newspaper on table.

When everyone saw him they were shocked. It's one of the top developers of the game Battle Planet.

"It just shows how Chitra cheated. If what you said is true then it means Chitra's father just bribed someone so his daughter can win" Said Rajesh angrily. "If we can get some sort of evidence it will be good".

"I think I can help you there" said Anuj speaking for the first time. "If Akash can tell me which side of the building he saw this happen I can try to get our school surveillance video."

"Can you?" asked Chaya.

"Just what do you think of your brother Dominique?" replied Anuj smiling.

"You knew" accused Chaya.

"Wait a minute … Dominique? You are Dominique? The top 7th player of Battle Planet" asked Tarun shocked.

Shyly Chaya replied "Yes". Tarun, Rajesh and Akash were looking at her in shock and awe.

Anuj spoke up "I will try to get the video but I am not sure if it will be enough. We need someone to battle with her once again so we can record the battle"

"I will fight her" said Chaya. Soon they made plans.

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