1 Dominique

Chaya is a timid girl at school. With her large glasses and shy nature people do not even realize if she is in the same room. She is generally bullied. She has no friends because people are afraid they will also be targeted by the bullies in case they become friends with her. She does well in her exams but not good enough to be a topper. Nobody knows that behind that shy personality is an outgoing and bright girl. But she has a secret.

She is one of the top players in video games. Her favorite is 'Battle Planet' where she holds the post of top 7th player. With her higher HP and advantages, she has amassed a lot of weapons. One of the most powerful also most difficult to acquire weapon '100 swords attack' is also with her. For this sword she spent three and half months doing a single solo mission.

In Battle Planet she is known as Dominique, a bold and powerful player. Nobody knows or can even guess that Chaya and Dominique are one and same as they are polar opposites. Not even her brother, Anuj. Chaya found her interest in gaming by chance through her brother, Anuj.

After one particularly bad day of being bullied she came home in tears. Her brother was the only one at home. When he saw her in tears he did not know what to do. So he bought her to his room and made her sit beside him while he is playing Battle Planet.

To take her mind of other things Anuj stated explaining Chaya about the game. She became interested and tried it under her brother's watch. She enjoyed the game so much that she created a new character the next day after she came home.

Everyday after bullying she came home and spent her anger and frustration in the game. She had been playing the game for almost 9 months when she entered the top ten players rankings. She started playing other games also.

Unknown to Chaya, Anuj accidentally found about Dominique. He did not say anything but started pairing up his Fighter Ace with her Dominique for various missions. After that he started praising Dominique at their dinner table every night.

Anuj was actually worried about the bullying faced by Chaya in the school. He was not able to do anything as his classes are in a different block and he cannot enter her block. When Anuj started praising Dominique she slowly started getting back her lost self confidence.

Everything was going smoothly until last month.

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