6 Counter attack

School continued as usual. Chitra continued to bully everyone regularly. One day Chitra bullied Rajesh and the boys very badly for losing in the game. Rajesh exploded "Just who do you think you are?"

"I am Butterfly, the strongest player in the class. Just what do you think of yourself shouting at me?" Chitra retorted.

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Chaya became worried 'I hope he doesn't do anything stupid until our plan is in place'. But her hopes were dashed.

"Who said you are the most powerful player. There is at least one person in class who can easily defeat you" said Rajesh.

"How dare you, show me that person and I will defeat them" replied Chitra.

"It's her" said Rajesh pointing at Chaya.

Chitra laughed "Her? Really?" turning towards Chaya "You fight me. I will show everyone who is stronger". Before Chaya could say anything Teacher entered the class. She did not have a chance to talk at all. Soon it was afterhours.

Everyone assembled in the Lab-B. Chaya looked around worriedly. She saw her brother sitting in a corner of the lab. He gave a slight nod to Chaya. She took a deep breath and started the game.


This time the fight is on a rocky terrain. The ground is uneven and there are big boulders all around. Only two women stood in between. One in bright pink clothes and other in brown clothes and silver hair.

Just then system announced the rules of the game. The game is for 45 minutes. As per tradition everyone introduced themselves to their opponents.

The woman pink clothes introduced herself as 'Butterfly' (Chitra)

The woman with silver hair called herself 'Dominique'

A loud boom rang out and the battle started. Butterfly blasted the area and took the distraction to find herself a place from where she can watch and attack.

Dominique drew out her sword and a small shield.

Butterfly called forth her 100 swords attack. By flicking her hand she attacked Dominique with a few swords. She used her sword and her shield to deflect them.

This time Butterfly attacked with more swords than last time. Dominique had to change her position to fight. She drew up beside a boulder leaning her back into it.

Butterfly thought she cornered Dominique, but what she did not know is that Dominique decided to corner herself so that there will be no surprise attacks from behind her. This continued for some time.

Soon Butterfly had less than seven swords with her. Due to using 100 swords attack her HP had greatly reduced. She attacked Dominique, who also had lost lot of HP, with all the seven swords and while she was distracted she ran in a cave.

After fighting of all the swords this time Dominique called forth 100 swords attack. From her position she looked for pink colour clothes. Before Butterfly could recover her HP to call forth 100 swords once again Dominique attacked her with all the 100 swords..

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