2 Chitra

Last month a new girl, Chitra, joined Chaya's class. At first glance she looked sweet, but in no time she became Chaya's biggest bully. Chaya whose self confidence was still in developing stages was badly affected.

"Chaya get me some juice. With your ugly style they will give it to you soon to get rid of you."

"Chaya why don't you do something to your face, I can't stand it."

"Which century are you living in Chaya wearing those big glasses and two plaits. It's no wonder you have no friends"

On and on the taunts went. But his time Chaya was not the only one being bullied. Even people from other classes started getting bullied. A few even broke down because of it.

But the school also was not able to do anything as Chitra is the Daughter of school board chairman. Her parents spoiled her and always gave her what she wanted.

Just last week a few brave students and two teachers went and complained about her. By next day those students were severely punished and the teachers did not come to school anymore. Rumor was that those teachers were suspended with made up stories, so that they cannot even complain to the union.

Everyone was shocked and scared. Seeing this Chitra's bullying increased. This continued for one more month. One morning when Chitra entered the class room she saw a group of boys sitting in one corner and discussing about video games.

She taunted them "Ugh video games, the only thing for which these boys can use their brains. Such useless things are used by brainless people"

One of the boys Rajesh laughed at her "Only a brainless girl can think video games are useless. Video games require high skills and knowledge that you can never understand."

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Hearing this Chitra got angry " What is so skilled about them. Anyone can play them."

"Then why don't you play and prove. I seriously wonder if the game will be destroyed if it is played by someone as brainless as you."

Chitra retorted"I accept your challenge. I will show you who is better and make you eat your words. Tell me the name of the game."

"Battle Planet" Rajesh replied.

"Get ready to lose" saying this Chitra left the room.

Chaya saw all this quietly without making any comment..

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