4 100 Swords attack

All the warriors were shocked. The woman started flying in the air. She is surrounded by a hundred swords with their hilts facing her. It looked like a big ball of swords with the woman at centre. She gave a flick of her hand and some of the swords flew towards the warriors.

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Only the warriors who were able to bring out their shields in time survived the attack and others did not. When the surviving warriors looked at the woman they saw that she is not surrounded by anymore swords.

She gave a flick of her hand. Before they realized what is happening, swords came and stuck them from behind. Only the woman remained standing on the battle field.


People were quietly looking at Chitra with shocked expressions on their faces. Few members of the audience who did not know anything of the game were looking in awe at Chitra. But nobody saw Chaya or her expression.

Chaya's blood was boiling. 'How dare she….How dare she tries to destroy Battle Planet with her cheap tricks.'

One of her classmate, Tarun, standing beside her asked his friend" Just how long does it take to achieve the 100 swords attack?"

"At least 3 months" muttered Chaya under her breath and left. She did not see the shocked expressions on the faces Tarun and Akash who were standing beside her. They did not expect the Answer from the timid Chaya. Only the person who completed a mission can answer that question..

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