1 Ring of Skills

A young man dies because the corona virus is reincarnated into the world of Naruto

Reborn as an orphan in the village of Konoha

The boy is named Archi Don

Archi Don has an appearance similar to Killua Zoldyck with thick silver hair, bright skin and blue eyes.

When reborn Archi Don realized that there was an additional silver ring on his right index finger

The ring cannot be removed but the ring can display a virtual screen

There are 3 options on the screen

[Money / Gold]: 0

[Storage]: -

[Lottery]: Get a treasure chest

(Note: The lottery can only be used once every 5 years. The chest contains one Skill Book that can be used by Users)


When reborn it looks like Archi Don has ruined the balance in this World.

When Don was born, Naruto was killed by a kyubi attack, Minato and Kushina seemed to be late or could not withstand the kyubi claw attack from hitting Naruto.

Unable to withstand the Kyubi's tantrums, Kushina decided to reseal the kyubi in her body and die with it.

Konoha not only suffered heavy losses in this event but also the threat of possible ambushes from other villages.

As the strongest and most prosperous shinobi village, another village might take this opportunity to avenge previous wars and take advantage of the weaknesses of the current konoha village.


Don currently lives in a room that is supposed to be Naruto.

Don was born with almost no chakra.

Chakra in his body is only one thousandth of an ordinary person.

Because it was seen as not being a potential shinobi, there were no clans in Konoha who were willing to adopt he.

Although he does not have chakra, Don body can absorb a little natural energy.

Unlike Jugo, who can absorb a lot of senjutsu and do transformation, Don can only absorb a little to strengthen his body.


The next few years

Don is now 5 years old.

After a long wait the opportunity for Don to grow stronger finally arrived.

Today Don can use Lottery which can only be used once every 5 years

Don was excited to see what he would get.

Don sat quietly in the room and watched the virtual screen of the ring.

There is a "press" button in the middle of the screen

Don touched the lottery screen button.

After a while a chest appears followed by a star with a bonus note.

When Don touches the star, 2 more chests appear.

This bonus seems to be given for lottery use for the first time, or maybe Don has good luck.

Don opened the first chest

Naruto Skills: Ultimate Taijutsu

Ultimate Taijutsu: The strongest Taijutsu in the Naruto world

"Woow" Don shouted deep down

Then he opened the next 2 chests

[One Piece Skills]: Rokushiki

Rokushiki: (六 式, Six Strength) superhuman skills which are the basis of a super special Martial Arts combat technique. This ability is only learned in navy marines which consist of 6 techniques: Shigan, Soru, Geppou, Rankyaku, Kami-e, Tekkai.

[Overlord Skills]: Martial Arts

Martial Arts: skills that can only be developed through intensive training. Martial arts applications are very broad, ranging from changing one's physical prowess, magic endurance, strengthening weapons, even changing the spatial and temporal awareness of the opponent.

Seeing these three abilities has made the heart filled with happiness.


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