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Rightful Vengeance


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What is Rightful Vengeance

Read Rightful Vengeance novel written by the author Samantha_R_Samuel on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid. ~ George R.R. Martin In a world where creatures of our wildest dreams exist amongst one another a very long time ago, there was peace for a while. An attack on AADYA's family and people leave their lives in a rumble of debris, corpses and unimaginable hate. At some point everyone moves on except Aadya, her thirst for revenge only grows and it leads her to find a powerful witch who sends her on a quest that lasts for over thirty years. Her yearning for revenge creates a whole new breed of their kind, whether it be a good thing or not only the end will tell.

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ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! From the first letter of the novel, this story sings to you. It reads like it has been written by a children of the forest. It takes you from your here and now to the middle of a high fantasy set amid nature and earth and flowers and wolves. Every word is measured and congruent to the narrative style. Writing wise, it is undoubtedly the best narrative style for a high fantasy I have read on WN. The author does show vs tell like it is their second nature. There are some expressions they used that I took down in my own notes. Updates are stable. Story is paced so well. The world building is done so expertly that it does not feel like it bogs down the pace. Characters are designed so brilliantly. It is rare to see a first person protagonist narration done right here on WN. This is not only done right, but done superbly. The MC speaks and acts like they should speak and act and they do not tell you what to think with their unnecessary internal monologues, but readers have the space to make up their minds and make up I did. And I declare that this story is a must read for both readers and writers on WN. I will keep it in my library to keep following the story. Thank you so much, author!


Hi guys, It's your author here! I like to stay unique and true to myself, so my writing style will definitely be something fresh. I am really trying hard to make this story as non-cliche as possible. This is going to be quite a journey that will last for a while and please your feedbacks are welcome through the comments and reviews. And if you like it please vote for my book I will really appreciate it! Please stay safe 😘😷 Thank you for giving my book a chance love you amazing person!💖💞💕


Ok this novel is a total hidden gem! I can't believe it doesn't have a million view yet! The writing is incredible. It's eloquent, not too wordy, just perfect! The storyline and characters are *chefs kiss*. I can't say enough good things! Keep up the good work, author (:


This story is huge! It is filled with so many characters, plot, and a handsome ML! The author describes everything ans provides long xhapters to engross you in. I like the MC and her friends. This story is definitely big on world building, and the journey. Well done author~


I honestly want to be saying some thank you to the Rightful Vengeance 1. Thank you for following my Instagram 2. Thank you for doing something that has a seriously dedicated following. 3. And thank you for making something that is something I enjoy.


Very very well written. The vocabulary and grammar are spot on. The plot is epic but most of all, the character growth is really well done! Excellent novel!


I leave my assessment sincere, I read only the first 5 chapters and found it an interesting novel, but the synopsis is a little confusing and I didn't understand it well. I'm happy to see a good romance with a female protagonist, congratulations, keep working hard.


Beautiful storyline with great characters and story development. I like the fresh idea you put and every chapter has me hooked for more! Just can't get enough.


wow...the story was just wow, its totally amazing!! The starting of the story was well-written and well-described by the author, It helps with the imagining and visualizing of the story!! The plot of the story was unique in its own way, the words used to describe things and characters were interesting and good! The writing style was good and this was definitely a good read to me! I will keep this and hope to see more of it! ✨[img=recommend]


Beautiful. The plot of this novel is already exceptional right from the start. The author creates a well-built, well-described and well-organised fantasy world. The grammar is also great. I appreciate that. It's a good read. Keep it up author![img=recommend]


It's Totally REFRESHING I would say. The starting of the story was different than any other I have read so far... I'll follow you heheheh and keep going...


So, I really enjoy your prose. The first five(actually six if counting prologue) chapters from what I read were good. There were some rough sentences that need some editing though, that's why I can't grade your writing 5. But if you catch those punctuation details, it would be an easy 5. I checked and you seem to update every 2 days, so your updates are quite stable. Story, Character and World so far for me is a bit early to say, yet from what I read, I'm really enjoying it so far. Keep it up!


Sammy you have done an amazing job. The plot is impressive. No doubt, with the more continuous effort, it can be the most rated novel on the internet,


Superb!!! [img=recommend][img=recommend] Definitely a novel I can recommend! 💕 I love how the novel is written because of the great writing quality, the plot idea, and the nice flow of how it goes. Totally gonna keep this in my collection and read this! Good luck writing, Author! 😁👍🏻


This is a fantastic story. Your writing style is quite unique. Your character design as well as world background are very catchy. You take your time making sure your readers have understood the plot. I like the way you gave us a full introduction to our main female protagonist. I impressed and have put this story in my library already 😃. Keep it up dear author


This story is so amazing and great. An unique title, cover also character name. I really like story plot [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] highly recommended, auto collection to my library. Regards from author of Princess Azalea, Author


Although I have only read 11 chapters but I can already tell that it's going to be a good story. And I liked the plot. I am hoping to see more The world building is my favorite part of this book. I hope she will be able to save them both. The writing is good & smooth flow. I didn't feel that author is trying to rush. So, I enjoyed while reading it. Keep it up.


A truly epic story that is beautifully narrated by the talented author. It is filled with magic and interesting characters, absolutely wonderful to read! 👍


The author has improved with each chapter and the story is going great, even though there are parts that are a bit lacking, this novel as well as the author has good potential. Keep it up!


Interesting story concept. The world-building is good and introduced at a nice pace. The MC is well thought out and easy to follow. The early chapters really draw you into her life before things went bad and pull you down with her. Really enjoying the world-building and the unique take on classic monsters. Writing improves as you go, which is a sign of a good writer. You should always keep improving. Love the story, keep up the good work.


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