1 The Back Up

My name is Edward Richtofen, and I have been trying so very hard to do the right thing. Long ago, I made a promise. A vow to protect him. In order to keep my word, I have done bad things. VERY bad things. I do not regret the pain that I have caused because none of it really matters. This moment... this... me. All of it will soon be gone. I have lied, I have cheated, I have deceived. All for a purpose you could never understand. I would not change a single thing. He thinks I do not know, but I do. The blood will protect me.

Looking at the journal full of messages and quotes.

Richtofen sighs and prepares the journal along with other things and packs it into a ring that acts as a key to a miniature Dimensional world filled with gadgets and whatnot, like the 4 cryogenic Pods 3 of whitch are full at the moment, after insuring to have properly separated the zombies and other things for maximum efficiency.

Richtofen has finally gained control over the Zombies.

He has beaten Maxis and absorbed his abilities.

Knowing full well what would happen and that this universe would not last.

Richtofen rips the only innocent part of himself mixes it with all his experiences, Memories and Hope for a new life, a better life.

Creating a new Body out of element 115 and integrating pieces of technology and artifacts into the body he puts the new soul inside and with a loud.

Thump..Thump...Thump.. Thump.

The body opens its eyes and gets up.

Both Richtofens look at one another, the Older Richtofen passes his younger self clothing that resembles the Nazi officer's uniform, only in a smaller size.

(Why not It will spice things up lol)

Opening a wormhole to a world far away from here The young and older Richtofen step through only to appear in front of a gate ringing the buzzer.

Bzzz Bzzzzzzz

"Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children how can we help you"

said a woman in a mature and beautiful tone with a familiar accent.

A memory flashed through Young Richtofen's head, a memory of an African woman who worked at Group 935 speaking with a similar accent.

Returning to his senses Richthofen spoke out his prepared speech "Yess Vis is Doctur Richtofen, I would like to enroll my child vithin your institution may vi be allowed to enter."

"Of course please walk up to the front doors we will be there to greet you." The gates open with a Clang and screech open.

Walking further along the path older Rictofen and the younger one comes to a stop at the bottom of the steps where up above is a man in a wheelchair feeling his attempts to read his mind Richtofen expels him with force and a cackle

Startled Xavier recoils in his chair from what he felt this man has the power to kill them all he certainly had the bloodlust for it.

Seeing the professor's face disturbed storm steps in front of him and begins to charge up with electricity.

Young Richtofen looks at them with a look of disdain as if they are stupid, he looks back at the older Richtofen and askes.

"Are you really leaving me with these people they dont seem very bright"

Older Richtofen just smiled at his younger self.

"Remember to live for all of us that died to get you here."

"You are the last hope we have you are the backup incase the plan fails we will live on inside of you you have within yourself all of the souls from many parallel worlds inside of you once Monty erases me from existence you will be the ultimate Richtofen."

"Be sure to grow stronger and to make friends true friends that would do nearly anything for you and who you'd do anything in return to keep them safe, goodbye Edward and be relatively safe if you can or feel like it." with a mad cackle and a wicked grin Older Richtofen turned around and opened a portal and walked into it on the other side we could see a world of destruction death everywhere, Dragons, Zombies, Giant Robots And Armies Fighting in a all out battle.

Richtofen walked in as casually as if he were strolling into his back yard with a tuneful whistle looking back only for a moment while his younger self stared intensely taking off his officers cap and saluting his older self with admiration and respect not affected with the explosions in the background.

Older Richtofen set his gaze back to the destruction and with a wave of his hands the sky's fell the oceans burned the mountains crumbled and before any of the aftermath could reach the portal it closed leaving only a dragons cry to pierce the veil.

Taking a moment of silence Edward puts his cap back on and turns around with a resolute face and says.

"well then why don't one of you show me off to my room I'm quite tired from the trip." he says while looking at the stunned faces of the people who came out to see what all the ruckus was about.

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