Reviews of Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife


Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife

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Website : qidian china Views : 15.08million Rating : not rated Chapters : 6789 Status : ongoing Word count : 7.02million author level : great No of works : 3 Disscussion : 18 Year started : 2015 Chinese title : 豪门少奶奶:谢少的心尖宠妻 Guys Check out my new book "The Statsguy's Mag" on my profile.


I much rather read about a "Mary sue" female lead them an idiot, abused female lead who can't seem to find the sense to leave the situation. So, I'll see where this novel goes ♥


I find it amusing that the synopsis laid it out there that it is a lovey dovey novel with little heart wrenching scenes and misunderstandings. 🤣 Looking forward to reading this novel!


Yes! No heart-tearing or misunderstandings.. Finally, my pot of gold.. I just hope there is gold inside! I was just led on by the rainbow! I'm looking forward to this one


Lol if ur looking for a mary sue female lead and a cold male lead that MAGICALLY falls in love at first with the fmc then read this 😂😂 this story is so silly its killing the few brain cells i have. No offense but i feel like its written by a 15 years old ****ger for 9 year olds. Seriously who falls in love at the first paragraph of the novel 😂😂😂 at least it made me laugh at how the personlity of the SUPPOSEDLY cold male lead changed 180 degrees after the first chapter. Dropping it ! Peace ✌️


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I've read till chapter 30 and tbh, I give up. The notion of little to no misunderstanding is interesting but the story it self is so lacking. No depth at all. Just from the first 5 chapters, we can see the events are highly illogical with no further explanation given. The plot is full of holes, I feel like reading a story from a 12-year-old. It lacks character introduction, inconsistent names / characters, rush story telling and weak world-building. Just from what I read so far, there are already a cannon fodder introduced and silenced without explanation whatsoever (ei. The girl who admired the expensive car). The romance? It was so abrupt you feel like "wait...what?". They fell for each other and get married in a few days. Instant trust, with no hint of romance at all. The only detailed description about the characters are on how they looks like (*insert a lot of desctiptive*). The MC has a weak character that suddenly turns aggressive (cat fight) just from a few insult. It's not like she's a transmigrator, reincarnator or an assassin with a mysterious background either, come on author! The only thing that's interesting is the male lead (not having a paralyzed cold face like other romance novel troupe). That's it. More than 3000+ chapters for this kind of story is not worth it. You might get dizzy from the constant plot-jumping, so be warned! I try to give this story a chance and I failed. I might be too harsh given that there are more decent Romance stories here lately, idk. I better off get to other novels here. Adieu.


The story is fantastic so far, but I do hope the FL will get much stronger and smarter too and not fall for scheming plots. I don’t wish for her to be saved all the time but to save herself. I will wait on the story a little more.


*Sigh, another Mary Sue story?and love at first sight with no reason at all, except that they are the "Protagonists".....ughh...don't we already have the (Trial Marriage Husband:Need To Work Hard) for that type of story....*sigh..so in the end this story is going to be a *Version 2.0*..like, seriously, why can't the story be more like **Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead** which has a more reasonable "love at first sight"


Yes! Its here...😂😂😂.. my first story that im forst to review... jhahah...os this a unique one?! A genuine one?! Hope for a good story.... i support this novel...😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎😘😘😘


This story gets worse and worse. Half of the time I was confused and the other half was cringing. The FL acts like she has multiple personality disorder. One moment shes a damsel in distress then shes strangling someone. The ML magically pampers her out of no where. Trust me, it felt so illogical and strange (not endearing at all!). I do not even understand this book's background. No sort of background story was given ever! Read up to 30ish plus chapters and was a survivor


It's a very long ass story! I dropped it at 200th chapter it got me so bored. Few parts got escalated very quickly. FL dumb sometimes but loved the ML.


Nowadays all of the ppl are bogged by ntr kind of situation based novels finding something to calm ur minds is getting difficult But this looks good though quick personality change is still not ok but hope it shows more before I can judge it better for now it's hood


Dear Author Its been over a month since there has been any updates. This is one of the best novels and I wish you would continue publishing the novel. Please do not discontinue..


I m out of here ........can't handle this illogical **** any more......,....... disappointed.............it feels like it had been written by an *******...........,..... seriously none of the things make sense , the character building, world building, circumstances, it's basically idiotic


Reveal spoiler


Dear Author, Please update. This is one of the best Book I’ve ever read and it has a great story development and tge way the involve the characters is just amazing. Eagerly waiting for your next update. Your reader❤️


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This story is consistently updating and the story is really good and getting to a very interesting arc now! 100% recommend keep reading! Has a lot of interesting plotlines


Status: Completed Chapters: 7421 god knows when it will be completed....it was in hiatus earlier ....... webnovel is recently picking up books that were either dropped or on hiatus..... let's see when this gets completely translated