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on a sunny morning in august 2005, chen ping resogned his job at the toy factory. Over the past few days, chen ping has accepted the fact that he came back from 2018.

what to do next, he couldn'nt help thinking for a long time. The moment the internet, micro-blogging, youtube, twitter , youku, whatsapp, snapchat etc.there are many things that have not been developed. As we know the very lucrative and Chen ping naturally wants to get involved in the internet, but it has to have enough capital to do.

He is now impoverished and does not know how to program. He can make money now with his future knowledge. Of course , the return of rebirth is not a bit of wlfare. He was origanially a web novel weiter after rebirth he came back, he was surprised to find that he seems tobhave the ability to the photographic memory, past life to see things, including novels, music, movies and so on as if its is imprinted in his mind.

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