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Author: Soni_Rinki
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What is Rich cash pro Loan customer Care number7320032432

Read ‘Rich cash pro Loan customer Care number7320032432’ Online for Free, written by the author Soni_Rinki, This book is a History Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: cash bean customer care number..732003 2432


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"Aku tidak pernah mencintaimu, Apakah kau tau Mark magic ini palsu?,........... kau sungguh bodoh!" lelaki itu terdiam tidak bisa mendengar jelas kata kata yang diucapkan kepadanya. tangan kirinya menahan sakitnya tebasan pedang di perutnya sedangkan tangan kanannya dengan darah mendarat di sebuah kertas yang kini dibungkus oleh segel magic. "The Emperor Of Attic akan dijatuhi hukuman Mati dan kekuasaan akan berpindah tangan sesuai pernyataan yang tertera....". matanya nanar melihat orang yang dia percaya tertawa keras dan bertepuk tangan merayakan kemenangan kudeta mereka sedangkan dia diujung kematian. aku menangis melihat ending cerita seperti ini, ah benar benar aku tidak suka, mengapa si emperor sangat bodoh mempercayai pairing Magic ? "The Kingdom Of Attic adalah salah satu kerajaan yang memiliki kekuataan sihir paling hebat,setiap magic seseorang sangat berbeda dengan yang lain tapi hanya darah keturunan raja yang memiliki magic istimewa dengan yang lainnya. dan magic ini mememiliki pasangan, mereka akan bertemu serta mengetahui pasangan magic mereka yang disebut "Pairing Magic" ketika mereka bertemu "Mark Magic" akan terbentuk sehingga membuat mereka tidak terpisahkan dan tentunya akan meningkatkan magic mereka tersendiri." ____________ aku membaca novel itu lagi dan lagi, sebenarnya aku bingung dan kesal, mengapa mereka yang keturunan raja bisa terjebak seperti itu?, seseorang memukul kepalaku dengan buku membuat pikiran ku buyar dan berkata "Jika kau ingin tau? maka pergilah ke sana' Whattttt???... are u kidding me? temanku menyeringai ku dan tertawa kecil. Why Not? bukankah kau ada magic? ahh... kau... dia tertawa terbahak bahak dan pergi.. sepertinya aku harus pulang juga ini sudah hampir malam (melihat jam tangan yang sudah menunjukkan jam 18.30). ditengah perjalanan,, tett Tett teeettt. cahaya silau, sebuah truk melaju kearahku .. Duaaarr.. "oh shit.." aku pusing yang kuingat hanya sebuah novel dengan sad ending. ring ring ring aku mendengar suara handphone ku bunyi "Mom, she worried on me, i need go" pandanganku pudar dan menghitam. "Kyaaaa" suara teriak dan bising dimana mana clang clang clang.. *suara pedang* aku membuka mata ku, melihat tanganku yang mungil. -aku terlahir menjadi bayi!! aku dimana? tapi sebelum itu mengapa semua ini berantakan?. tempat tidurku berlumuran darah, apakah ini sesuatu yang harus dilihat untuk anak bayi? aku ketakutan dan berteriak agar seseorang menyelamatkan ku. maid itu mendengarkan ku danencoba mengambil ku dari tempat tidur namun seseorang menusuknya dari belakang. ini benar benar menakutkan. aku tidak bisa bergerak, aku tidak bisa berlari, kenapa tubuh ini sangat kecil?. seseorang memelukku sepertinya aku berada di hutan. bentar mengapa udara disini sangat dingin. seseorang yang memelukku tersenyum dan berkata " Selamat jalan Princess". aku jatuh ke jurang... "aku baru saja didunia ini? dan kini aku harus mati lagi dengan cara tragis?" aku hanya bisa berteriak dan menangis hingga sesuatu masuk ke mulut dan hidungku. sebuah air. ya aku tenggelam disungai, aku berharap aku bisa hidup.. seseorang tolong selamatkan aku!!

Allevard_Vinz · Fantasy
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Over the Bridges to Singing Waterfalls

"You and I need to declare to them that we are dating." "Neither stingy love nor false feelings tell of the inner beauty of a person. Only purity in the soul, to which people's gaze is subject, is worthy to cause amazement about the fullness of the person in whom that trait is placed." "Do you know what that made me realize?" Ryo said surreptitiously, and slowly turned around. "People need care," he added slowly, with a confident tone. "Why does one's happiness not return with a coin…? Why should I endure it for more than a decade? Did I do something wrong?" she said quietly, leaning on her knees. It was the cycle of her life. *** Tokyo, 2022. During puberty, adolescents encounter a tremendous amount of emotional outbursts. Relationships and love, commitment and peacefulness become important in their lives. These factors give them a sense of carefree adolescence. But Ryou Hayashi doesn't see it that way. Having had difficulties in dealing with socialization since childhood, he suddenly and unwillingly moves to Tokyo from his hometown. Taking nothing from home with him, his life begins to change under the patronage of new acquaintances. Whether his outlook on life will change with the new city, or whether he will wallow in loneliness, never having felt the touch of teenage life, is up to him to decide when he meets four other high school students. It is a story about new acquaintances of completely different Japanese students in their final year of high school. By chance, their views cross each other, but neither of them knows until the end where their acquaintance will lead. It is a story of friendship, animosity, love, and colors. It is a story about community. Tokyo, the city of dreams. This city fulfills the dreams of workaholics and casts the lazy into exile, relaxes and never stops tiring, brings happiness to some and takes it away from others. From this beautiful city, covered by a veil of blinding lights, their story filled with dramatic challenges and tragedies begins. The story of a group of teenagers, who are unaware of their affections. The plot takes the reader straight to the eastern country, where the sun begins to rise first. Being wrapped in sakura petals, the roads lead to the prudence of a nature unseen anywhere before. A country with mind-boggling virtues in culture and tradition tells the story of ordinary schoolchildren, suggesting a life around endless youthful unrest and human outlook. Modern Japan (Nihon) introduces people who are able to live simultaneously under difficult but beautiful living conditions. This country teaches residents to love.

senshiAuthor · Teen
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Canvas of love

Title: Canvas of Love Synopsis: "Canvas of Love" is a compelling love story that unfolds amidst the vibrant and passionate world of art, where dreams intertwine and hearts are painted with love. Set against the backdrop of a bustling artistic community, the story revolves around two extraordinary individuals, Ava and Ethan, as they navigate through the chaos of their own lives while discovering a love that transcends time and mediums. Ava, an incredibly talented and successful painter, stands out with her fiery red hair and a spirit that reflects her artistic prowess. Residing in a small but vibrant artist community, she dedicates her life to creating mesmerizing masterpieces that breathe life onto her canvas. As the fervor of her creativity knows no bounds, Ava's artistic journey becomes a complex reflection of her own emotions and desires. Ethan, on the other hand, is a young and ambitious writer who finds solace in the world of words. Guided by his intense passion for storytelling, Ethan seeks to capture the essence of human emotions and bring them to life through his evocative narratives. While still establishing his career, he constantly strives to find his voice and make a mark on the literary landscape. Fate weaves its magic as Ava and Ethan's paths intertwine, drawing them closer with each chance encounter. Their initial connection sparks an electrifying chemistry between them, igniting a powerful bond that transcends their artistic endeavors. As they explore their shared passion for art, they soon realize that their love is a masterpiece in its own right. However, challenges arise when Ava and Ethan's individual pursuits of perfection clash with the demands of their relationship. The pressure of success and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence force them to question their own identities, pushing the boundaries of their love to its limits. They must learn to navigate a delicate balance between personal ambition and the significance of their love story. "Canvas of Love" takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as Ava and Ethan face formidable artistic obstacles and personal struggles. With the power of their love propelling them forward, they strive to unravel the complexities of their intertwined lives and uncover the true meaning of their shared creative journey. This heartwarming and poignant tale celebrates the beauty of art, love, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to follow their passions. "Canvas of Love" reminds us that love, like a masterpiece, requires patience, understanding, and the willingness to embrace imperfections in order to create something truly extraordinary.

Littleturtle354 · Urban
Not enough ratings
5 Chs

Eve of the Doomsday

Eve Ziffer always believed that one day her nano-machines would save humanity. It needed to be saved—from pollution, from the climate change, from the wars. Yet in the end, her research instead turned out to be the thing that pushed it into the very abyss. After surviving an attack and waking up from a six-years long coma that followed, Eve opens her eyes to see the world changed beyond recognition. Walking corpses roam the streets, and humans fight them with swords and superpowers. Now Eve is the only person able to finish her own work and fix the nano-machines that brought this devastation. Whether the last vestiges of mankind would disappear, or would the human race rise like a phoenix from the ashes—all lies in hands of Eve and the people she will meet along the way. They will fight and they will scheme and they will talk, because human vices are adversaries as bad as the zombies; and trials of friendship and love can be as perilous as any battle. ===================== Victor leaned towards her face, burning her with his glare. “No.” “I’m doing this for myself, for you and for science. Any single one of these reasons is enough to keep disagreeing with you.” Victor’s eyes dropped to her lips. ‘There is more than a single way to dominate a person…’ Before he could even try to stop himself, he dived in, pressing his lips on hers. His hand grabbed the back of Eve’s head, another fell on Eve’s thin waist and followed the alluring lines of her figure to her hip. His body was burning with inner fire. Eve was too shocked to think. She never expected for this standoff to end like it did. Victor kissed her as if he wanted to eat her. His bites stung, but his lips soothed. The heat of his hand burned her skin even through clothes. Then Eve finally regained her sanity. She drove her knee into Victor’s groin. He gasped and bended in pain, letting Eve go. Before he could resist, she continued the combo with a strike to the back of his head and a submission hold on his arm. “What are you doing?! I should’ve listened to Xia better. Men really are worse than dogs! How did I miss the moment when your brain had turned into mush, Victor?” “I didn’t think that I would need to spell it out, but there can be no romantic interactions in work time, and no romantic relations between researchers and test subjects. More than that, I’m not interested!” ==================== [Status: completed] Warning! May contain darker themes, mentions of rape, descriptions of gore, etc etc etc. Check out my other story - My Vampire Assistant https://www.webnovel.com/book/my-antique-assistant_20063615405026605 Join my discord server for SPECIAL CONTENT - https://discord.gg/74h73Re2Ak

Garessta · Sci-fi
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