1 Welcome

[ "You are going to reincarnate in Gu World in.. T-10 seconds" ]

'What the fuck?'

Ian was sitting in front of his laptop doing his daily task of auditing the client data when a blue rectangular screen popped in front of him with above text on it.

[ "T-9 seconds" ]

[ "T-8 seconds" ]

[ "T-7 seconds" ]


'Is this a joke? Am I dreaming', Ian felt his heartbeat rise every second. He didn't even have the time to understand what was happening.


[ "T-1 second" ]

[ "Loading Complete. Prepare for transfer" ]

The next moment his vision went blank.


There was darkness all around him.

The blue screen again popped up.

[ "Before entering the Gu world, there's a few things you should know. You have to deliver the message to #####. The message is %%%%%. This task must be completed within 20 years or you will face chaos tribulation." ]

Ian went pale when he read this. He didn't understand the message nor did he know he had to deliver it to but he knew what Chaos Tribulation represented. He was feeling absurd at the events happening with him and hoped that it was just a dream.

[ "To compensate for your forceful arrival into Gu World, there will be few cheats presented to you. You have 5 seconds to select any one of them" ]

[ "Cheats:

1. 25000 year lifespan Gu

2. Master Attainment in Refinement Path

3. Huge Quantity of Purple Manor Soil

4. Rank 6 Beast Enslavement Gu

5. Start in Gu Yue Village

Select one of them in 5 seconds or you will proceed without cheat" ]

[ "T-5 seconds" ]

Ian started thinking rapidly

'25000 year lifespan? I won't survive for 20 years if I can't finish the task. Lifespan gu can only be traded for resources but if anyone came to know I have this much lifespan gu, I would die without body.'

'Refinement path master attainment is really good cheat. I would save lots of cost on refining. But still it won't help me power up in the initial stages. However, Attainment is only useful if I can survive.'

'Purple Manor Soil? Wait, wasn't some guy discussing about it? I can't recall what it was but it's probably something good.'

'Rank 6 Beast Enslavement Gu would be super helpful at the start. If I can enslave a desolate beast, my life as a mortal will be really good. But if Immortals started targeting me for the Desolate Beast, I would rather end up as Slave. It also won't help my cultivation much not to mention I can't even reach close to a desolate beast without sufficient power.'

'Being in Gu Yue Village will be helpful. Atleast I know about it's description. But will those inheritances and places exist? Will I have to face Fang Yuan? This option is too risky.'

[ "T-1 second" ]

'Arghh, I choose Option 3'

[ "Option 3. Huge Quantity of Purple Manor Soil, is selected" ]

[ "Welcome to Gu World" ]

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