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Read Rewrite....... novel written by the author Bananaman12 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering romance, harem, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


My world is filled with a sub species of Humans known as Magicians, born with the natural talent to use magic, the Magicians slowly rose to power across the globe and academies rose across the globe to train the next generation. At the top of the magical chain of command are the 14 families, each having a large amount of influence over the world as well as the land they rule. The families have the strongest raw talent as Magicians from birth and that includes me as well. My name is Arthur Maxwell and my power is almost at godlike levels already, at the age of 17, I could wipe out all of the families. It would be a hard and gruelling task but I could do it. Since I was young, I have been told that I'm worthless and that only if my God Complex was even a fraction of my true power then I would be worth something to my family. Little do they know that I can kill anyone with ease with my right hand and revive them with my left and simply repeat the process until it bored me. I'm a godly outcast that has been sent to the Amoria academy to act as a bodyguard for a student there, Maria Shu, the heir to the Shu family. Although people believe me unable to use magic, it is comman knowledge that my body naturally resists the effects of magic and to match that I have mastered 14 different fighting styles that do not utilise magic in the slightest. Making me the perfect bodyguard for an annoying mage with a god complex to match my own..


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