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Rewrite The Story : Star Flower


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Nicole was just a simple, smart student who rarely shows any emotions due to the loss of her family and being misunderstood. And so, she shuts everyone out and turns to anime and otome games to feel alive and love. However, hen she saves a kid from being run over by the famous truck-sama, she died. Fortunately, she was given a choice to be reincarnated-- ''Choice? What nonsense. God didn't give me choice, he reincarnated me without hearing my answer!" --Or not... And what's worse is that she's reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game that she used to play called 'Forbidden Love : Infatuation]. Now that she is the villainess, she must avoid her dead endings at all cost and protect her new loving family from being ruined. But why are all the capture targets being friendly with her and not the heroinne?! The story is slowly changing and she successfully rewrote Laira's, the villainess, story. Now, how shall the story end when everything have strayed too far from the original plot? The truth of the story is slowing being revealed and danger is approaching quickly. "This is my life. I control it and I will change my destiny the way I want it to be." (Author's Note: This is a story that me and my friend collaborated to make, that's why the author's name at the book cover is different. We own the plot and the otome game 'Forbidden Love : Infatuation' is just a made up game.)


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