Rewrite The Stars; Falling In Love With An Idol Book

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Rewrite The Stars; Falling In Love With An Idol


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* Excerpt * The man suddenly grab both her arms and push her pinning to the wall of that dark alley. Emy felt the cold hard wall, her heart beats so fast now; she slightly tremble on how strong the man’s grip her arms, even stronger than the pervert guy from before, stuttering she ask the man “wha-what are you do-doing?..wh-who are you?” “where did he touched you?! Did he kiss you?!” the man asks with gravelly tone of voice as he turn his head to look straight at her hazel eyes. Emy’s eyes widened in surprise when she realized she knew these familiar brown eyes! “Saff?!” “answer my questions first!..did he touch you anywhere?!” “no..I didn’t let him touch me or kiss me..he just pinned me onto the wall like what you’re doing now..” Then he slowly releases his grip from her hands and gently hugs her. Emy didn’t make a move in astonishment and just let him hug her, heart pumping like it’s going out of her chest, she can’t calm down now. “just let me do this for seconds..I didn’t mean to scare you earlier…just don’t make me worry again..” **************************** Serendipity, Fate, Destiny, or Love at First Sight; do we believe in these predetermined words? Love happen in so many ways, sometimes it occurs and develop by chance, something beyond a person’s control like a strong pull of attraction. However, sometimes it depends on the choices we make. This is a story of two people who met on an unusual time and status of their life, unexpected encounter that turn their life upside down. Emylia Greyson, A young and beautiful widow who experienced tragedy in the past that made her fearful in taking risks will meet Saffron Kale, a talented Idol member of a popular group, bold and fearless that isn’t afraid on taking endless adventures in life who is seven years younger than her age. Two different people with two different personalities will have the rarest chance encounter of their lives. Will Emylia give herself a second chance to love? and if, would she be brave enough to dive into the sea of risks for love? ********************** Photo cover not mine, credits to the creator's talent. :) Please do support my first novel :)


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