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How many deaths does it take to corrupt a person? Alfonso, praised as the textbook example of a knight by his peers, would never have dreamt of being a villain. But when his family is destroyed and he is left with only his ailing sister, he has no other choice but to join the second most powerful mafia family in the world. In a twist of fate, he ends up becoming the personal attendant (or for the lack of a better word, the babysitter) to the boss of this family, an eleven-year-old boy with the face of an angel and the heart of a demon. Could things get any worse? And just when Alfonso begins to truly care for him, his baby boss dies. In an attempt to save his boss, Alfonso goes back in time, only to witness his boss die, again and again. How many times must this happen? How many times must he watch this happen? And how far will Alfonso fall? --up for a rewrite

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