1 Chapter 1: The Asashin Brothers and the Electric Thief.

Every story needs an ending, but it's not the end that a story begins, let's go back a few years.

Kaji and Z, two brothers who ran away from home for some reasons, arrive in the famous city of freedom to try a new life, a city located 1km underground, located under the capital of the eastern continent.

Kaji, much smaller than his brother, appears to be about 12 years old, has very short dark black hair and wore a long-sleeved black blouse, black pants and black shoes, he seems to like the color black very much, in addition to wearing an eye patch. , guess what? of black color too. And Z, much bigger than his brother, appears to be 18 years old, short dark brown hair, black eyes, unlike his younger brother, Z wears an old coat, has a new bag, gray pants and sandals.

Z looks sympathetically at Kaji and says: We still have a little money, we can spend a few days, I'll try to get a job that pays well, and you can stay at the hotel until I put you in school again.

Kaji, looks at Z with his one look, one pissed look and says: I don't want to, I've learned enough at home.

Z says: You have a lot to learn, silly. Z, holding his brother's hand, walks to what looks like a bakery and runs to it.

Z asks Kaji to wait outside quickly because he was going to buy some bread. Z quickly enters the bakery, and orders things, a nice old man who attends to him. So, without wasting any time, Z asks the old man: Good morning, yeah... well, you need help at your bakery, it's just that I'm looking for a job.

The old man says in a hoarse voice: Well, I'm really in need of help at the bakery, come back here when the bakery is closed, I'll ask you some questions to see if you're qualified. Z nods and happily leaves the bakery, but Kaji isn't there.

Then he hears from an alleyway, his brother's voice speaking: LET HER RELEASE.

Z runs down the alley, and there are two men who look about 40 years old, one holding a girl by the arm and the other holding Kaji by the clothing. Z as he runs over to them, overhears their conversation.

One of the men says: Dean, this is the very girl, damned shit thief. Dean then speaks: We finally found this kid who always touches our goods, we got lucky today Ret, but who is this other weird kid?

Z then goes up to them with a pissed-off look, very pissed off and says: let these kids go... now. Dean looks at Ret, Ret looks back and they smirk.

Z doesn't even wait and goes to Dean and catches his face at an incredible speed with a look that doesn't even look like that sweet boy from before.

And Dean lets go of Kaji who goes straight to the girl and kicks Ret's balls, who falls in pain. Kaji takes her hand and runs back. When Kaji looks over, Dean is being flung into the wall. And Z takes your hand and they run.

Z enters the first hotel he finds, rents them a room and goes upstairs as quickly as possible.

When they arrive, Z asks Kaji: Who is she? Kaji, who always looks pissed off, says: I don't know, but I needed help.

The girl interrupts them both and says: my name is Aysa, and I didn't need help.

Talking a little about Aysa, she is a girl who appears to be 12 years old just like Kaji. She is black, with light brown hair falling to her shoulders, a gray knife-print blouse, pale blue shorts and a blue shoe. She has dark brown eyes and is short. But what calls the most attention is a necklace with a large V-shaped pendant.

So Z asks: why were they calling you a thief?

Aysa responds a little sadly: How can a child survive alone if they don't accept to hire him?

Leaving a climate in the air, making everything heavier. Z tries to get closer to Aysa, but Aysa says: Don't touch me. Slapping Z, but something was different, the slap was faster than normal, in addition to making a spark of energy.

Kaji is surprised, Z feels pain and asks worried: Is this the power of one of the stones of creation?