Reversing Predestined Fate Book

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Reversing Predestined Fate


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“If I am going to die anyway, I would rather be a villainess or turn the story upside down,” Yeong-ja vowed vengefully. Kim Yeong-ja was an avid reader who had read thousands upon thousands of books. She had often wished to be transmigrated as the main character of her favorite novels. But one day, she suddenly woke up as the best friend of the female lead of a badly written novel where she had to die so the female lead and male lead could have their happy ending. “Why do I have to die for them to be together?” Yeong-ja was furious that of all the good books that she had read, she had to be transmigrated in the novel 'Loving My Forever’ where all other characters were made merely to make the main character look good regardless of plot holes. Since she was a patient reader, Yeong-ja continued to read the whole novel despite how bad it was. She also wanted to know what would happen to the female lead’s best friend named Stella. Only to realize that Stella was killed off in the end. Now that she was Stella and knows of the future, Yeong-ja planned to change it if she could; even if she had to make the author furious. First, she had to make sure she survives her death flag. But how will she do it when upon transmigrating, she finds that Stella was already dying? Join Yeong-ja in her efforts to live and survive as a character inside a book. Would she be able to change her fate or was her destiny set in stone the way the author wanted?