1 Death

Ok. I started this on a whim. I just wanted to write something. So don't be surprised if this is dropped or takes forever to update.


"Fufufufu" An old man was laughing at his discovery. He was what people would consider a mad scientist. With the iconic goggles and the signature laugh this man would fit right in the role for any mad scientist movies, except he was a real mad scientist. This man was Vincent Hopper, and he was a mad scientist who believed in going back in time. And right now he had probably found a solution to this.

It was the year of 2050 and humans still hadn't found ways to travel back in time, sure there were talking AI's and virtual reality in which you could do any celebrity you wanted, yet they hadn't even gotten a speck of information regarding time traveling. But then came Vincent Hopper a scientist who had won many awards regarding in the science area, but there was a reason he was stayed away from. He was a literal mad scientist! He believed in the impossible and nobody could take him out of his position due to his cackling laugh which would make you think he had gone crazy.

Okay, okay. Let's get back to the discovery. As I said Vincent might have found a way to travel back in time. He was born in 1985, and always had a knack for the unknown, so when he had first become a scientist he was always focusing on time traveling. The idea of going back in time to enjoy everything. And that's why he had always been keeping count of the lottery tickets and trying to memorize them.

Currently, he was in his house and the TV was showing the lottery numbers. "Dammit, wait don't leave" Vincent mumbled as he made his way to the living room jumping over the objects on the floor while trying to find a pencil. "Got it!" He had found a pencil then went to sit on his lowered couch beginning to write down the numbers '7 - 18 - 21 - 31 - 40 - 9' he repeated this words trying to push them into his brain with all the other numbers etched in.

"Ok, I got it" He looked at the numbers once again making sure these were correct and wasn't a bogey. As he was about to go back to his equation written on his board his phone rang. "Dammit, can't an old man get some rest!" He yelled stomping, dragging his feet to his phone. He grabbed his phone and answered "This is Vincent Hopper, and he's making fucking history!" He threw his phone back on his desk and headed back to his board.

"Ok, time to make fucking history!" He grabbed a test subject that looked like a small circular oven. He swiped down on the oven and what came up was a futuristic keyboard which floated above the oven. He then started typing his equation 'Lym=nd-dju4197, where 385=yAs=6843243= Lym=u37850= 0.849375= u4902=

(AN: This is just random things what I put down is not real.)

"Ahhh, okay. I did it!" Vincent smiled hopping up and down like a rabbit. Time travel, the concept that was thought to be impossible was now real. He was dancing all over the place with his feet kicking his science materials to the side. Now he didn't care when he was dancing to so when he kicked his materials it knocked off onto one of his dangerous projects and this dangerous project spilled onto the circular oven, and it started overheating. It then started jumping a bit up and down and Vincent noticed it, so he ran towards. "No, no. What's happening?!" Vincent waved his hands in the air not knowing what to do.

He went closer to the oven and opened it, and before he could take a look at it, his face had gotten on fire. And it was spreading all over his body. "AHHHHHHHH!" He ran to his bathroom, turned on the shower and dug himself in it. "Ahhhh…" He had thought he would be safe, but the fire had burned through his chest burning his heart. "AHHHHHH!, I can't breathe…." Vincent Hopper, the mad scientist had died today….from dancing.