2254 I Want To Sleep

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Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Western Desert.

Mermaid immortal Yu Zi's expression was pale, she panted while looking at the flying sand tunnel in front of her.

"It is finally set up." Yu Zi mumbled.

Rockman Gu Immortal Shi San Bai thanked her: "Yu Zi, you specialize in water path, setting up this kind of earth path resource point is truly hard on you. I could not have accomplished this by myself."

Rockmen were most specialized in earth path.

This was their racial talent.

Originally, Shi San Bai and Shi Gua Bi had agreed to finish the mission of setting up the earth path resource points.

But not long ago, Fang Yuan suddenly sent a command and dispatched several rockman Gu Immortals out of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Shi San Bai had no other options but to wait for others to team up with him.

In the end, he teamed up with Yu Zi.

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