2215 Heaven Refining Demon Venerable!

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Fang Yuan returned to Eastern Sea.

Under the setting sun, the surface of the sea was dyed red. Birds were chirping out loud, a warm sea breeze was blowing.

This place was some distance away from Eastern Sea's Xia clan, it was not considered close.

"This place will do." Fang Yuan quickly descended, landing on a relatively small deserted island.

Several investigative killer moves were activated, Fang Yuan had complete control over the island, he did not detect any threats or suspicious matters.

Fang Yuan directly took out the five regional limit formation.

Soon, five colored smoke mixed together and enveloped the island, before spreading towards the sky and sea.

If he were still rank eight, after escaping from Crazed Demon Cave, he would choose the headquarters of Eastern Sea's Xia clan, or go to immemorial white heaven in secret and hide himself to recuperate.

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