2301 Heaven Path Dream Realm

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The truth was, Fang Yuan had no choice but to use the killer move endless trouble.

If he had to undergo tribulation, he would need to place the sovereign immortal aperture in the five regions and draw in heaven and earth qi. At that time, heaven's will would control them and form tribulations.

The calamities and tribulations were not scary, Fang Yuan was confident in dealing with them.

But during his tribulation, the other venerables would definitely come to probe and suppress him.

But at that time, his sovereign immortal aperture would not be mobile, because of the deep involvement of heaven's will, if the venerables attacked too fiercely, obscured heavenly secret might not be able to conceal Fang Yuan anymore.

Fang Yuan would be exposed.

"Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable must also be using methods to delay their tribulations." Fang Yuan was certain about this.

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