2328 Great Explosion!!!

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Star Constellation Immortal Venerable saw the issue, the qi path immortal materials were insufficient, her expression turned dim.

Heavenly Court's foundation had finally hit rock-bottom!

In fact, when she set up the star array calculation formation and nurtured the immemorial star beasts, she had already expended all of Heavenly Court's star path resources.

Recently, Heavenly Court's members revived continuously, the remaining immortal graveyard was also consumed until only a small area was left, it could no longer allow any Gu Immortal to revive.

Heavenly Court had developed for three million years, it had incomparable foundation, but after several huge battles, the expenditure was severe. When Spectral Soul Demon Venerable escaped from Heavenly Court, he ransacked the immortal treasury. They had to use their secret storage and even subtly draw resources from the ten great ancient sects.

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