1 Chapter 2335 The Beginning of the Fall

Inside Demon judgment board. Red Heart Traveler looked at his disciple Fang Zheng and said, "A battle amongst venerables is truly out of this world *sigh*, if only we could help Lady Star Constellation."

Fang Zheng said nothing and simply stared at his brother's figure in the wind. The sheer gap in their statuses brought him back to the simple days back in the Gu Yue clan.

Even back then he was chasing after his brother's back, and now that back seemed further than ever. Recalling every moment of his life he realized there wasn't a single aspect he could compare to his brother.

He joined a powerful clan while his brother united an entire region under him, he became the disciple of many good masters, his brother was the master over others, he cultivated bitterly, fighting hard for resources to make it to rank 7 and become the new lord of the Demon Judgement Board.

But what was that compared to Fang Yuan? He became a venerable! An apex in the world a wave of his hand could destroy Rank 8s like ants, much less this Gu house he had grown prideful of.

The venerables launch attacks relentlessly while Star Constellation arduously defends the Qi Harvest fruit against Giant Sun, Spectral Soul, and Fang yuan. Across the ruined Heavenly Court, a loud voice rings out.

"Star‌ ‌Constellation‌ ‌Immortal‌ ‌Venerable,‌ ‌I‌ ‌am‌ ‌going‌ ‌to‌ ‌kill‌ ‌all‌ ‌of‌ ‌Heavenly‌ ‌Court's‌ ‌Gu‌ ‌Immortals‌ ‌now.‌ ‌Come‌ ‌stop‌ ‌me‌ ‌if‌ ‌you‌ ‌can!"‌

"YOU!" However, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had no time to think of retorts, she was pressured as it was with Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal venerable.

Without giving Star Constellation time to breathe Fang Yuan acted on the camps of barely surviving Heavenly Court members.

Normally Heavenly Court members can revive themselves using the immortal graveyard but between the sheer number of casualties involved this time and, Heavenly Court's greatly weakened foundation, not to mention the continuous use of the immortal graveyard.

It would take some time if at all for Heavenly Court members to be revived.

Immortal killer move -------- 5 Desolation supreme sword

This move combines the 5 most offensive paths to release a torrent of destruction it uses fire, metal, blood, lightning, and sword paths.

The move creates swords made from the metal found in blood and imbues the swords with fire and lighting, creating an explosive reaction when the sword hits its target. The swords also seek out enemies by tracing their blood. It is a terrifying move, especially when used on a battlefield with numerous corpses.

Giant Sun looks astounded at the effectiveness of this move "With only the initial expansion of immortal essence required to cast the move yet by using the blood of others to continue fueling the move it is very cost-effective essence wise, as expected Fang Yuan is lacking the most in immortal essence."

Star constellation thought the same as well and responded by enveloping Heavenly Court in star fog thus, intercepting all the swords and preventing the creation of more.

From across the battlefield, Giant sun yelled: "Heaven Refining Demon Venerable quit wasting time I know you're short on immortal essence but all saving it won't help us win against Star Constellation."

Fang Yuan smirked "Daoist Giant Sun then why don't you bring out Rank 9 Light Gu, combined with Rank 9 Fire Gu's power it should be able to achieve near quasi-Rank 9 killer move."

Of course, Fang Yuan did not know that Rank 9 Light Gu was not currently in Giant sun's possession as his Light emperor was kidnapped. He just wanted to probe Giant sun's progress on refining light Gu after all it was still a Rank 9 Gu.

"It is still not the right time to strike. Using such a powerful move would require a lot of essence and time it is best to be more patient Heaven Refining Venerable."

Fang yuan internally sneered. "Why don't you show some sincerity Giant Sun after all how do I know you and Star Constellation have not colluded together? I'm not asking for much just take her attention off me so I can pressure Heavenly Court."

Giant Sun thought that Fang Yuan's request was not unreasonable, with Heavenly Court's current state of affairs it would be truly difficult to recoup all the losses they sustained up to that point.

The situation was so bad that after the Qi explosion Heavenly Court's 3-million-year foundation was on the precipice of being exhausted. All that remained were the Gu immortals and the 10 sects which were all conveniently here.

"Alright." With that Giant Sun activated one of his trump cards.

Immortal killer move ------- Blood Sweat and Tears

This killer move uses Blood Path and Luck Path to boost one's luck and strength based on the good karma accumulated by one's family. With 300 thousand years of history in Giant Sun's Huang Jin clan, the amount of positive Karma they've accumulated collectively is massive.

With this newfound strength, Giant Sun started to overpower Star Constellation's fog.

Star Constellation was in a dilemma on one hand she had to protect the Qi Harvest fruit Core on the other if she refocused her attention to Giant Sun, Fang Yuan would slaughter the remaining Heavenly Court members.

Although prioritizing Origin's revival was important, the members of Heavenly Court would play a critical role in the war that was to come. With Fang Yuan having his force of Variant Humans and Western Dessert Gu immortals, not to mention Giant Sun and the whole of the Northern Plains.

Even though numbers mean nothing to a Venerable, they can still be used as meat shields to whittle down the strength of a Venerable allowing the slightest edge to the other venerable. In a match between peak experts, it is the slightest difference that results in victory.

Star Constellation was conflicted and kept deducing, but the number of thoughts she had to use to maintain the star fog against Giant Sun, Fang Yuan, and Spectral Soul was a lot even for the number 1 wisdom path cultivator.

Back inside the Demon Judgement Board, Fang Zheng and Red Heart Traveler were still watching the battle while recuperating.

Red Heart Traveler sighed "We are being a hindrance to Lady Star Constellation."

Fang Zheng sat there motionless seemingly in thought. Then suddenly he stood up.

"Since we are burdens to Lady Star Constellation why not we alleviate that?" he declared.

"Disciple in front of these venerables we are nothing but ants. How can we help? I know you want to go out there and fight to the last man standing but you, me, and the rest of Heavenly Court aren't even worth considering in their eyes."

Fang Zheng shook his head "I know that we are nothing but specks of dust because we are not Venerables, but what if we pooled together all our strength?"

"Go on"

Fang Zheng breathed in "Let's be realistic the members of Heavenly court are going to be slaughtered sooner or later and this decision to let us die is not one Lady Star Constellation can make, then why not do it ourselves?"

"You want to suicide? Disciple don't give up hope I know it looks bad but…" As Red Heart Traveler was about to finish, he saw through the Demon Judgement Board that Giant Sun had increased his strength and was putting Star constellation in a worser spot.

"Master I'm not proposing a meaningless suicide, I want us to pool every last fiber of our being into one attack that would be on the very limit of reaching the venerable level. By combining everything Heavenly court has to offer, our blood, life and cultivation leaving only our souls. I Fang Zheng have not lost hope instead I am placing it all into the future, into Lady Star Constellation and Lord Primordial Origin."

Fang Zheng spoke the words with such grandiose and zeal that it moved Red Heart Traveler.

"Ok fine let's do it, to even impede a venerable is an action worth going down in history, we must show that Heavenly court has the resolve to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good."

With that he used a killer move to contact everyone by tracking them using their blood.

"Listen to me Heavenly court, we have lost the fight today and we will mostly likely die, the only one who can carry our hope is Lady Star Constellation, I am calling for all Heavenly Court members to sacrifice everything for this hope, my disciple will use the Demon Judgement Board along with all the blood, and cultivation of Heavenly Court to attack the Heaven Refining venerable, Fang Yuan. If we must go down, we will go down in history! For Humanity!"

The speech moved all the Heavenly Court members and Star Constellation, the resolve in Humanity and the Hope for the future are the 2 things that even 3 million years later have not faded.

Star Constellation could see the shadows of the Heavenly Court her master had built 3 million years ago shine through in the Heavenly Court of today.

At that moment Fang Yuan broke through the Star fog and dashed towards the Demon Judgement Board with the intention to kill Fang Zheng, his brother. Knowing that Heaven's will have placed him as a measure to counter Fang Yuan he was determined to tie up all lose ends."

As Fang Yuan was headed towards the Demon Judgement Board, a bright crimson glow emanated from the Gu house as it sped towards Fang Yuan.

This caught Fang Yuan and Giant Sun in surprise, thinking that the occupants must have given into despair. But soon streams of red lights poured into the speeding Gu house further boosting its speed and power.

This increase in power caught Fang Yuan off guard as he slammed into the Gu house. The Demon Judgement Board held on, but cracks could be seen all around.

"Not bad." Fang yuan respected the willingness Heavenly court members had towards their cause.

Fang Zheng was within the Demon Judgement Board and was faced with those cold eyes, the same ones that stared at him back in Gu Yue village and have haunted him ever since.

Coughing blood as he knelt next to the husk of his mentor, the life was draining out of him as well, but he had to hold on long enough to collect all the energy in Heavenly Court for this one last attack.



Fang Yuan had struck the Demon Judgement Board into oblivion resulting in the energy collected going haywire. As the smoke cleared Fang Yuan loomed over the rubble of the Demon Judgement Board.

The force of the explosion was so great that it completely wiped Red Heart Traveler and Fang Zheng from existence.

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