44 Tests And Theories

Yu Yan was brought outside base alongside Angela, Dawei and a Russian man,Igor.

"Today you start your weapon training....pick a gun"Angela said.

Yu Yan had never liked guns,she accessed all of them,not having an idea which one to pick.

"if I were you I'd take the Glock 43 Caliber"Igor said,she held it up,it was a little heavy.

"Now,shoot Dawei"Igor instructed with a tone of bloodlust.

"What!"Yu Yan exclaimed.

She glanced at Dawei,who stood there silently,not even glancing at her.

"You heard him,shoot him"Angela instructed.

"I don't want to kill him"Yu Yan said panicking,Angela and Igor laughed.

"Oh, they must be blank bullets"Yu Yan said,realising how dumb she was.

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"They are real bullets,I do not make fake bullets"Igor said.

"Agent Dawei is one of my most agile agents,no one can possibly shoot him,except me of course"Angela said and Dawei smirked.

"Why do I have a feeling they've tested that theory"Yu Yan said to herself.

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