39 Make-over of the Century

"Don't call me son. You were never a mother to me. With the way you're acting now, all the more reason to think you are never suited to be a mother."

"Don't you ever make me see you beating this little girl again. We will call social services and the police on you." I said to her as I bent down to sooth the crying child.

Those were the words Levi said to the woman, Marionne, who had made quite a ruckus during breakfast. We have now checked in back at the hotel room while Levi went away to blow off some steam.

We don't know if he had gone to talk to Marionne but he didn't say much. Just that he was going to get himself some air with his pack of cigarettes tucked inside his jean's back pocket.

I remember vividly the way Levi had glared coldly at her and the way she cowered. With Levi's built, it was sure to be scary under his angry gaze.

"Fine! I won't. Come on now, Caroline." She beckoned Caroline towards her and the child sluggishly did so. "Levi, your father will hear about this."

My eyes followed her back towards their table and I saw that there had been a man with her. Probably the father of Caroline. His smug face reminded me of a vicious hunter that had no mercy.

Could that be Levi's father? I looked over to Levi's face and there wasn't a bit of acknowledgment in his eyes.

I pray that Marionne keeps her end or else I swear I would hunt her down even if she wasn't even part of my revenge here in this new world that I was reincarnated in.

"Alright everyone. Who would want to go to Coachella and see the venue before the official event?" Nico waved some cards that had 'Backstage Pass' written in bold letters.

"Woah! Really now, could we?" Suzy said as she grabbed for Becky's arm in excitement.

The girls squealed and jumped as if they were given the best gift ever. Ali beamed and high-fived the others all the while Zeke and Bash whooped.

"Oh fuck, my head's spinning. I never should have drunk too much last night if you were to bring us to Coachella today, Nico." Bash groaned as he held his head in pain.


Nico had only laughed at him and called him a weakling. I'm beginning to like Nico, seriously.

"Okay then, everyone we will depart in thirty minutes. I'll call in advance to let the security and other higher ups organizing the event that we will be 'checking' on our equipment to make sure it should do fine for tomorrow's event."

Becky and Suzy grabbed for my hand and they whipped me into the girls' room excitedly. Ali followed suit and they giggled and made turns judging each other's outfit for our little backstage tour.

At first, I just sat and then I realized I was still wearing the orange juice drenched pants. I stood up and picked at clothes in my suitcase and then changed into some long skirt.

I went ahead and used the bathroom and when I got out, Becky and Suzy, even Ali, looked at me with questioning eyes. Suzy raised an elegantly shaped eyebrow at me and then grabbed my hands.

"Lizzie girl. You will not take a no for an answer." Suzy said and then dragged me back to the bathroom. "Becky, get her suitcase and we will choose clothes for her."

"Hey! What are you doing? I think my skirt and shirt are just fine." I protested.

"Lizzie, trust us. You don't want people to see you like this. Now stop struggling." Suzy grabbed the hem of my shirt and then pulled it over my head. "Becky dear, hand me the sexiest top you can find in her suitcase."

She pointed to Ali and told her to get her make-up because she was going to give me the 'make-over' of the century.

Is it safe to assume she meant she'll make me prettier without making me look like a harlot?

Suzy practically dragged me over to the full-body mirror and slowly ripped my skirt away. I could only yelp in shock and a whole lot of embarrassment to have my body exposed to other people.

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I had tried to protest the said make-over of the century, but the way her eyes warned me to stay still was enough to make me freeze where I was and wait on how she would transform me.

One by one Becky had shown her fashionista friend the collection of tops my reincarnated self had packed for herself. Out of all the half-decent and sinful clothes Becky had shown us, Suzy had to choose the one where my soul practically shows.

"That one!" she shrieked as Becky raised one tiny off-white ruffled top. "Now we just need the perfect bottom piece to pair."

"How about this one?" Ali showed a denim short that was probably the epitome of a naked ass.

"Hmm… sexy but I don't think that would go well for just a quick visit." Suzy replied and she faced and help me with the top she picked.

The sleeves were puffs of tiny ruffles and I don't know if it was a size too small for my built or it was really made that way. The top didn't even reach my stomach for coverage!

"I think this is extremely too small for me. It's just well below my bosom." I complained as I scrunched my nose in disgust.

I will definitely get an upset stomach if I brandish this much skin around. Suzy had just disregarded my comment and went on to choose what was left in my bag of clothes.

"Oh dang. Bitches this going to be the one. You will be saying 'I do' to this Lizzie girl, trust in Suzy boo." She shrieked excitedly.

Becky and Ali nodded in agreement and my armpits began to sweat profusely. Why are they ganging up on poor old me about my sense of fashion? This isn't one bit fair.

I'll have to make sure to pay them back after this.

Suzy moved towards me with a see-through tulle skirt that had two slits at the front. There was a tiny short underneath which doesn't exactly give me excitement as it was definitely going to be so fit and showy!

"Wear this and we'll get your make-up ready afterwards." Suzy instructed me while Becky moved forward with a little giggle.

"Here Lizzie, this will go well with the get-up." She handed me a pair of coffee brown military boots and then went off to do some final touches to their own make-ups.

By the time they were done, I was waiting gingerly with my arms trying to cover my exposed belly. God, why did I even agree to wear something like this?

I'd rather be burned to the stake again.

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