Revenge is Better with You
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Revenge is Better with You


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What is Revenge is Better with You

Revenge is Better with You is a popular web novel written by the author Freeya_fanfan, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, FANTASY, MAGIC, MYSTERY, REVENGE, FICTION, WEAK-STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, TACTIC, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 12.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 18 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What happens if one day your life is turned upside down and you're left alone? Your family is killed and you're stranded in some village without any money. You saw people you know getting killed in front of your eyes without knowing why. Even worse, they are also chasing you wanting you dead. Are you going to turn crazy? Well, maybe I am crazy! I can't accept this! I need to find out who plotted against my family and kill them all! A woman knows how to pay her grudges in tenfold. I can't fight but my brain works just fine! But first I need to gather more information... Speaking of information, I'm trying my best to find clues to my family's killers but there's this shameless guy who won't stop bothering me at the establishment. He always showed up at the most inconvenient times and annoyed me to no end. And he keeps pestering me to accompany him. Well, he is indeed pretty handsome but he doesn't have the information that I wanted. Can't you understand after I declined you down so many times already!? This shameless man is truly looking for hell.


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There is strong portrayal of emotions that did not disappoint. After seeing the title, I expected it to begin a certain way, and I just want to say that your opening definitely lived up to my expectations. However, I personally would have preferred if you began immediately with the second chapter of the prologue because the first was a bit info-dumpy (once again take everything I say with a cup of salt). Instead of shoving all the ages and descriptions of the children down my throat in a few paragraphs and listing them as if they belong in a resume, I would personally have preferred if the information was spread out a bit more evenly throughout the first few chapters, obviously giving enough detail to understand the plot. On a similar note (this is also personal preference), but using actual numbers makes me a bit less immersed in the actual writing. That being said, you have great dialogue, action, and foreshadowing. In case you were wondering, the only section I gave 4/5 was on story development for reasons stated above. Good luck!!!


I enjoyed the chapters so far and it's actually well written. The description is good too and what the author wants to convey is conveyed well. The story development is in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I didn't find any grammar errors too. Keep up the good work author


This book is fascinating and easily engages the readers on the first read. The writing style is great and the plot is well created. Being an ardent fan of mystery related stories, this is definitely one I would like to follow until the end. Kudos to the author for creating a brilliant story.


Your novel is written in the style of knightly stories of the late Middle Ages, and Europe. The plot is intriguing. Reading is really interesting. Starting to read the swap review, I didn’t notice how I read all the chapters you published. This suggests that the reading was fascinating. It’s not clear why they decided to kill the family? I see no motive. And so in general it is a tragic novel, but it is easy to read. Good job! Good luck to the author!


I have no complaints whatsoever with the plot! The characters are charming and well-described 💫 The only downside is the fact that I'll have to wait for more updates 💕


Interesting plot. The story development seems to have a perfect pace even with seven chapters so far. There are also a lot of details that give the reader an easier time to picture what the author wants them to picture. Writing Quality is good, I have not detected any problems or errors when it comes to spelling. Keep up the good work author!!!


Hey congrats on your first novel! I actually enjoyed the chapters so far and I think it's well written. The female MC is strong and likable. Will follow future updates!


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