1 Sixteen Heaven

"Even if you wanted to use the word heaven in the name of your game, you could name it nine heavens or thirty three heavens, wouldn't those names be more suitable. But why did you name it sixteen heavens? I have never heard of such a term in this world."

Qin Tian wondered as he was waiting for the loading of the Sixteen Heavens Game website.

The large number of visitors to the website causes the process of opening the site to be very slow.

There are several reasons why this website are visited by so many people today.

First is because the game is made by the biggest gaming company.

Secondly, because the game was announced suddenly. It was announced just a moment ago.

But what made people even more curious was; because the game company said that the game will be released tonight.

"So slow." Qin Tian felt even more impatient.

His 17 years on earth made him want to forget his old world, but the name of the game makes him remember his past.

Recently, the novel about the world of games which turns out to be another world is very popular on the internet.

For others, such novels are nothing more than mere fiction. But for Qin Tian who came from another world, he always believed in mysterious things.

In sixteen heavens, people at the peak of cultivation could easily destroy mountains and tear through the sky. There are even heavenly emperors who are considered omnipotent.

"Nothing is impossible" is a proverb that is most popular in sixteen heavens.

Even though he was now in a mortal world, he had always believed in that proverb.

"Oh, it's finally open." Qin Tian immediately turned his gaze to the computer screen in front of him.

But when he saw the computer screen, his eyes immediately opened wide so that his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

"Impossible..." He shouted.

Even though he was hopeful, he was still filled with disbelief when he saw the image that appeared on the computer screen.

It was a image of a very vast land filled with countless mountains.

What surprised him from the image was the existence of the five highest mountains on each side of the land.

Each of the five mountains spewed fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning from their peaks.

(Five Elements Sect, Sect with five Emperors, the greatest miracle in the sixteen heavens.)

The words beside the picture only made Qin Tian even more shocked.

There may not be a living being in the sixteen heavens who does not know about that sect.

Even though he was not from that sect, he had always admired them because they could produce five emperors.

His sect was also an imperial sect, but it had only produced one emperor in its history for hundreds of eras.

Qin Tian only grew more and more shocked as he swept the screen downwards.

Apart from images of various sect regions, he also found images of figures from the sixteen heavens.

Other people would think that those characters were just NPCs in the game, but he knew that they were real characters.

"There are only two possibilities, either this game is like what happened in those novels, or it was made by someone who came from that world, just like me." Qin Tian speculated.

"But no matter what, I have to play this game. Even if it's not like what happens in those novels, I might be able to find a way back through this game."

As the screen went further down, Qin Tian finally found the synopsis of the game.

(The sixteen heavens will be connected at the end of each era, and they then give birth to a Heaven's Will.

Every young Paragon who gets approval from heaven can compete for Heaven's Will to become a Heavenly Emperor, the emperor who rules the sixteen heavens.)

Although the synopsis was not very long, Qin Tian clearly understood what the synopsis meant. In the past, he himself was also one of the young Paragons who competed for the Heaven's Will.

Qin Tian's blood boiled as he read the synopsis. He couldn't help but remember his past which was filled with struggles.

"I have to calm down, I have to calm down." Qin Tian rubbed his chest which was starting to beat fast. He then continued scrolling down the screen.

Under the synopsis, the game's many features are explained.

One of the features that attracted Qin Tian the most attention was the time between the game world and the real world.

Actually, the time difference between the virtual world and the real world is not a new technology, it has been discovered since several years ago. But in this game they claim that one hour in the real world is equivalent to one day in the game world. In other words, 24 hours in the real world is equivalent to 24 days in the game world.

Qin Tian couldn't help but be shocked as he read the game's information. In other games, the time difference at most, only one hour is equivalent to two hours, but in this game it's actually the equivalent of one day.

At the very bottom of the website, there is a shop selling various items in the game.

Qin Tian was shocked as he read the rules over the shop.

According to these rules, there was only one chance players could use real money to strengthen themselves in the game. And that is now, before the game was released.

After the game is released, items in the game can no longer be purchased for real money.

"Interesting, I've never heard of a game that makes rules like that." Said Qin Tian.

He then opened the game shop.


Of course, he was taken aback once again after he saw what the game shop was selling.

The Southern Emperor's Cultivation Scripture.

The Flame Emperor's Cultivation Scripture.

Purple Moon Emperor's Cultivation Scripture.

Heavenly Dragon Body.

Nine Heavenly Suns Body.

Charming Fairy Body.

And much more, of course.

If one of each of those items appeared in the sixteen heavens, it would be enough to put many imperial sects at war.

"Crazy, this is really crazy." Qin Tian almost screamed.

But he almost fainted when he saw the price stamped on each of the items.

Although those items were truly invaluable in sixteen heavens, this place was, after all, only a mortal world.

Games have become very popular since the virtual reality era, but they are still not at the core of human life on earth.

Things like in a novel where the game determines the strength of the great factions on earth is something that never happened in this world.

Of course, many rich people spent a lot of money strengthening their characters in the game world, but they still didn't overspend. Ten million dollars is probably the most money a rich gamer has ever spent on a game.

But the price of each item in the game was really too expensive. It starts at 30 million dollars, 40 million, 50 million, and some are even more expensive than that.

Qin Tian is one of the gamers who spends a lot of money because since his parents died, he has been raised by his wealthy aunt.

His aunt didn't mind giving him money to play games, but if he asked for 30 million or 40 million dollars for games, he might get kicked out of the house.

"Erm," he suddenly saw an item that made him direct his eyes closer to the computer screen.

Primordial God Body.

Qin Tian was silent for a while before he jumped off the chair.

"Oh my god, it really is the legendary Primordial God Body, rank three of the twelve legendary heavenly treasures. Twelve heavenly treasures only exist in legends even in sixteen heavens, how could a rank three heavenly treasure appear here."

The two most difficult things about cultivation are comprehending heavenly laws and gathering spiritual sources into the body. These two things can be said to be the main foundation in cultivation.

But the Primordial God Body was said to be able to extract every kind of energy and directly transform them into spiritual sources. There were even rumors that it could extract spiritual sources from a living cultivator.

Of course, the most important are; because that body is perfectly compatible with all kinds of elements and heavenly laws. Those who possess that body are said to be able to learn any cultivation technique.

There were 100 heavenly bodies in the cultivation world, but Primordial God Body was not a part of them because it already truly far surpassed them.

Legend has it that there is only one Primordial God Body in the entire universe. Unless the body's previous owner died, it would never appear again.

"This is crazy and absurd." Said Qin Tian.

He then looked at the price of the item.

250 million dollars.

"Oh, shit."

(Note: One dollar in this novel world is equivalent to ten US dollars today.)


"The Night-Heaven Company must have gone crazy. They actually sell game items for tens to hundreds of millions of dollars."

"Don't they have any more money?"

"Who would buy such an expensive game item. Even the richest person in the world probably wouldn't buy it."

"I thought this was a good game because they wouldn't be selling any more items after the game was released, but what they did this time was completely beyond my senses."

"But this game does look good. Look at the graphics, it looks like the real world."

"Well, even without buying items from them, I would still really enjoy a game with such graphics."

"There are 3 hours left before this game can be downloaded and played, I really can't wait."

"Games that carry the concept of cultivation are always interesting to play, I hope there are no problems with this game."

"God, give me two hundred and fifty million dollars." Qin Tian finally also wrote in the comments column after he registered his account.

His account nickname is Jian which means sword.

Even though he was not a fan of sword techniques, he always liked to carry a sword as an accessory.

Ding / 9 ×

The sound of a chime suddenly resounded in his room, no, it echoed throughout the villa.

"Oh, it's 9pm already, time for dinner." Qin Tian then stood up from the chair.

His aunt is very strict about eating rules. When it was time to eat, everyone in the villa had to go down to the dining room.

After standing up from the chair, Qin Tian immediately walked towards the door of his room. He opened the door of the room before stepping out.

Incidentally when he came out of his room, the door of the room next to his room also opened.

A young girl his age then came out of the room.

The young girl is wearing silver glasses.

She is 160 cm tall, her hair is cut short, and her skin is white like snow.

Her face was pretty like a fairy, and there was a small mole under her left eye that made her face look sharp. Of course, it matched her cold facial expression perfectly.

However, after the girl walked out of the room, she only glanced at Qin Tian briefly before turning her gaze another direction. She then walked towards the stairs without greeting Qin Tian.

Qin Tian could only shake his head when he saw the attitude of the young girl.

Her name is Shui Yingyue.

She was his aunt's second daughter, and her father was his aunt's third husband.

Speaking of his aunt, she is a smart woman who managed to deceive three rich men through the inheritance of their child.

She divorced her first husband, but she managed to get custody of their child. And of course, she managed to force her first husband to give up half of his wealth as an inheritance for their child.

Her second husband died inexplicably, and she managed to get half the inheritance.

And her third husband who was Shui Yingyue's father, he had the same fate as her first husband.

In City Z, people gave her the title Lady Cobra because of her success in becoming the richest woman in City Z after tricking three rich men.

Every time he heard a story about his aunt, even Qin Tian could only sigh in admiration. Even in sixteen heavens, it was very difficult to find a woman like his aunt.

Qin Tian then walked following Shui Yingyue behind.

Looking at her thin back, he couldn't help but sigh.

When his parents were still alive, even though at that time Shui Yingyue was already a woman with a cold personality, at that time she had a very good relationship with him. But ever since he stayed at her mother's house, Shui Yingyue had started to act indifferent to him.

It was probably because he spent more time playing games than studying.

There is a reason why he is acting like that. He was initially happy that he was reborn, but unfortunately his life on earth was not as smooth as he had thought.

The absence of spiritual energy on earth caused him to be unable to cultivate regardless of how many cultivation techniques he had. He even tried various other methods but none of his attempts were successful.

Failure after failure made him despair. In the end, he could only spend much of his time playing games.

Shui Yingyue herself was a very educated woman who looked up to education.

As far as Qin Tian knew, Shui Yingyue had already mastered five foreign languages ​​at her current age.

They were currently in the 3rd grade of senior high school, but in reality, Shui Yingyue had been invited many times by many well-known universities from various countries.

It's just that, she refused all the invitations. On the contrary, she continued her education according to the normal path.

Not long after, Qin Tian and Shui Yingyue finally arrived at the dining room.

When they got there, there were already two people sitting at the dining table.

One of them is a woman in her 20s. She has a tall build, blonde hair, and blue eyes like those of westerners. She is a mixed Asian and European woman.

Children born to mixed partners always have good looks even when their parents' appearance is mediocre. But the woman was born to a very beautiful mother and of course, her father was also very handsome.

Just the word beautiful is not enough to describe her beauty. She deserves to be called the epitome of beauty.

Her name was Angela Qin, and she was his aunt's first daughter.

And the woman who was sitting in the main seat. She was a woman who looked to be in her 30s.

The woman's height is about 170 cm.

Her face looked similar to Shui Yingyue's face. She also has a small mole under her left eye.

She didn't show a cold expression like Shui Yingyue's. She looked relaxed and friendly, and her expression looked more like a smart, mature woman.

However, she had sharp eyes similar to those of an eagle. They were eyes that could make people with a weak mentality lower their heads. And of course, they were also eyes that could kill multiple men with just a single glance.

She is Qin Wuxin. Qin Tian's aunt, ​​the older sister of Qin Tian's father in this world.

Qin Tian's conclusion about his aunt after observing her all this time was; his aunt is an ambitious woman who values ​​wealth and can do anything to get it.

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