32 History of The Sixteen Heaven

"Ehm," Qin Tian immediately waved his hand to stop the girl from speaking when he saw her expression.

He did not need to ask to know what was going on by the girl. People like her are pretty much found in the virtual gaming world, and they spend more of their time there because it's only there that they can experience the real life.

Qin Tian couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the girl.

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He did not expect that he would meet someone with such a fate, especially one who was only 10 years old.

"Emmmm." The girl tried to hide the sad expression on her face, she then handed the book she had brought to Qin Tian.

"Master Qin, this is a book that was given by Master Yuan." She says.

Qin Tian accepted the book. After looking at the cover of the book for a while, he then said. "You can call me brother Qin from now on, don't call me Master."

"Is it true?" The girl's face immediately turned cheerful after she heard his words.

"Do you want to be my brother, brother Qin?" She asked with an innocent face.



After the girl left, Qin Tian immediately opened the book he had just received. The book is actually the history of sixteen heavens. It records many stories about emperors in the last few eras.

Before he returned to the real world before, he asked Yuan Ji to find him the book.


Right after he opened the book, he suddenly received a message. The message came from Prince Xue.

"Brother Qin, you're lucky you didn't follow me. Do you know, everyone who followed me was killed by some of my brothers. Damn, these NPCs really don't make sense."

Qin Tian didn't know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw the message.

"The NPCs in this game are very smart, you have to be careful not to get killed." He replied.

"By the way, the kingdom wants to send me to the Giant Bamboo sect."

"It's a good place, but I suggest you increase your strength first."

"Mmm, you're right."


After their chat ended, Qin Tian immediately started reading the book.

He had no trouble finding the information he was looking for because he was able to start with the story of the emperor before his era.

And it was only moments later before he knew how many eras had passed since he died.

It turned out that ten eras had passed since he died, and it was after that era that changes began to occur in the sixteen heavens.

The person who became emperor in his era was the Emperor of the Desert. That was his enemy in his past life, and of course, the one who killed him.

According to the book, after the Emperor of the Desert disappeared, the Ji clan suddenly appeared in sixteen heavens.

They are very strong, and although they are still not as strong as sixteen heavens, they are said to have some treasures that allow them to suppress sixteen heavens.

In the era after the Emperor of the Desert, the leader of their younger generation won the Heaven's Will and became the Heavenly Emperor.

That's the beginning of real chaos.

The chaos that occurred was unimaginable. It was said that many Ancient Gods from the sixteen heavens had fallen because of the Heavenly Emperor of the Ji clan.

But with the many treasures left by the previous Emperors, the sixteen heavens still managed to survive.

The Heavenly Emperor of the Ji clan disappeared not long after, but after that, the Ji clan managed to control three of the sixteen heavens.

From this era, the sixteen heavens began to be called the Ji clan era.

Three eras later, the same thing still happened, and after that, the Ji clan managed to control six of the sixteen heavens.

They produced four Emperors in succession who were the greatest miracles in the sixteen heavens.

Although the Five Elements sect produced five Emperors, they did not produce Emperors in succession like the Ji clan did.

Of course, the success of the Ji clan was also due to the many internal rivalries in the sixteen heavens. There are even quite a number of traitors.

And the fifth era is the turning point of the sixteen heavens.

A woman in armor suddenly appeared, and she then defeated all the geniuses of the sixteen heavens, forcing them to have no other choice but to submit to her.

She is Titania.

When she became a Paragon, her strength was said to be so strong that she could even defeat an ancient god with a single blow.

She had unlocked nine of the nine divine symbols, but that was not what made her strength so powerful.

Among the Emperors themselves, there were three Emperors who had unlocked the nine divine symbols, they were the Flame Emperor, the Southern Emperor, and the Purple Moon Emperor. These three are the three strongest Emperors of all Emperors.

But even though they had also unlocked nine of the nine divine symbols, their strength was said to be still weaker than the strength of Titania when they were still in the Paragon realm.

What made that woman so strong was said to be because of the Eternal Light Art that she created. To Be Continued..

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