Syn is just your normal DJ at a night club enjoying life until she lands herself in another world with no idea why or how. Even if the new world is magical and the supernaturals are beyond hot... She needs to find a way to return and fast! PLEASE NOTE: The first installment/book is free. The second installment/book will take place and can be read as a stand-alone or a continuation. YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ BOTH BOOKS BUT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED IF YOU DO ^^ The second book starts at Chapter 131 Willow is comfortable in her life and in her world but when her familiar demands an adventure and runs off, she can't just turn a blind eye and leave him. She follows him and demands they go back but what happens when the portal is gone!? Does this mean she's stuck in this new world!? This new world is unlike her old world, they have power but it's different from her magic! They call it cultivating and gradually they become stronger but when they call her trash, she decides to unleash her Magic to set them all straight! Only... by her doing that, she attracts the attention of very powerful people and dangerous men who wish to claim her and tame her as their own. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? paypal.me/Blissfullrage Cash App $Blissfullrage

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Chapter 1

My name is Synthia Michaels and I'm a twenty-five-year-old DJ in sunny Florida. I love my job and my friends but things took a weird turn one night and everything changed. This is where my story begins.

"Syn! That was awesome. You always know how to work the club." Jay my long-time friend says while smiling. I smile back as I make my way over to the bar. The bass of the next song putting me in a good mood.

"Thanks, Jay where is kat?" I ask looking around the bar. "Hmmm, not sure myself. She caught a good looking guy and has been missing since." Jay says while wiggling his eyebrows. I smile and shake my head.

I loved my friends even if they were a little crazy. I ask for a water as my phone starts going off. I pull it out and see there is a severe weather alert for our area. Clicking on the link I see that the lightning is going off crazy in our area. No biggie, we're inside so there's nothing to worry about.

Jay suddenly grabs my arm pulling me against his hard abs as a fight breaks out at the bar. Jay is tall and well built and he's always been like a brother I never had. We both started trying to push through the crowd around the fight. It was growing in size and fast. Bottles could be heard breaking as screams and cries carried over the loud music.

"Let's step outside it's dangerous!" Jay yelled over the noise. I nod my head in agreement and we make our way out the door. We weren't the only ones trying to get out and away from the growing fight. Once outside we noticed kat. "Kat! Are you okay?" I asked walking over.

"Hey guys, yeah I'm fine. Tom and I were close to the door when the fight started." Kat said flipping her pretty blond hair. Tom? I take a glance at the tall tan guy next to her and smirk. I look back to the brightly lit club and shake my head. Leon the owner will be upset when he finds out.

I look at the time and sigh. It was three in the morning and since I've already finished my job, I turn to my friends and say " Hey guys I'm gonna call it a night and head home." Jay frowns and says "Oh come on Syn, you keep going home early lately. Can't we go hit one of the other clubs?" I walk over to him and give him a hug.

"Sorry, Jay I'm tired maybe next weekend?" I say as I look up at him. He wraps his arms around me and searches my face. I guess he saw what he needed to because he sighs and kisses the top of my head while saying " Alright, next weekend then and no bailing." I smile and walk over to Kat before giving her a hug goodnight. I smirked at "Tom".

As I was walking to my car I felt it. I felt all my hair lifting as I heard Kat and Jay screaming my name. Everything turned blindingly white as it felt like every nerve in my body was lit up. 'This is it' I think as I felt another wave of pain wash over me... This is how I die.

Hey guys this is my first time writing and I'm not sure if it's gonna be any good but I'll try my best. I'm Just gonna have fun and I hope you all do as well. Thank you for giving me a chance and enjoy!

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