1 Good people always have a good end?

Bai Long woke up with a strong headache, he could still remember how the sound of his ears seemed to disappear at the time of losing consciousness, he never hopes that just as he was going home after returning from his long day of work, there would be a confrontation between a criminal group and the military that will end his life.

'' ughh ... ''

Bai Long 34 years old, a native of Hong Kong, residing 4 years in Beijing where security was relatively stable and with a growing economy, also with a job as a consultant in Industrial production lines.

thanks to his study in different countries with the most modern industry he was someone known in the industrial circle and of renown, one could say that he had a job with good pay and a good prospect for the future.

he was the star of the company, he also had several records in being able to implement different types of industrial processes according to the needs of the companies, generating the highest productivity at the lowest cost with the best comfort and quality was his motto.

Bai Long was someone of quiet and respectful personality so much that it came to be a disadvantage to him, his parents worried about the fact that he could not get a wife, after all, he was no longer a young man and the years continued to pass while they became older.

even worse because his younger brother of 25 years was an irresponsible who followed his path with the idea to start a band of electronic music whatever that meant.

while his younger sister of 16 years old was still in school and was not even close to wanting to get married, the age gap only makes things worse than already was.

he could still remember how his last thoughts had been about how he had not left his parents with at least one grandson so he would not leave them alone, the money from his life insurance and his bank account was pretty good, but even so, the money would not cover the loss of him as a son, or at least that's what he wanted to think.

a monotonous and boring life but which in reality many people would envy, an annual salary close to 300 grand and a couple of friends with whom go out for drinks, he had only needed to find the ideal girl and have a child who carried his last name.

thinking about it, the sadness invaded him and in his mind, he could remember the girlfriend who left him, he wanted to concentrate on his studies and because of that, he neglects the relationship.

when thinking about it the sadness invaded him, as if it were thunder and it impacted his mind, he could remember the girlfriend that he left at the university time because he decided to concentrate on his studies, he neglect their relationship and split paths, then 3 years after that event he saw her with a child in her arms and a man who was not he, at that moment he had only been able to take a bitter drink and continue with his own life.

Now that Bai Long thought it better, it had only been his pride that had kept him from being disturbed by this, after that he had gotten more involved in the work and barely had time to get a girl, between trips abroad to learn more and his daily day the time has passed until he reaches to the final day...

'' cough..cough, cough! ''

Bai Long felt the body heavy as an anvil, besides that, a great pain ran through his body, this was not the kind of reaction he would have after that explosion or to start that explosion he was sure it was enough to blow him to pieces, a gas truck with 10,000-liter of gas is not a laughing matter.

'' What the hell happened ... ah? my ... my voice, besides what is ... this?''

Bai Long spoke with difficulty but to his surprise, his voice was much finer than what he remembered besides that the words that came out of his mouth were not mandarin.

'' perhaps ... the damage on my tympano causes something like that? but I have never listened to something like that happening...''

Bai Long tried to move but any attempt was useless, he could only speak slowly and with some pain, he did it to be sure he was not dying and still could not believe that he had survived a gas explosion like that.

'' crazy bastards... how are they supposed to have automatic weapons in that place... hehe, I should never have accepted that unreliable job ''

Bai Long scoffed at his innocence and stupidity by believing in the word of his rival, after all the location of the production lines of a pharmaceutical company, could not be so hidden in a rural area!

only after all that happened did he realize that what they produced in that place was not some medicine, it was a new production line of methamphetamine!

'' hehe, but now that... I'm alive... I'll pay him back, that stupid guy thinks I do not have networks with the red party ''

Bai Long still felt the body numb and in pain, but little by little he regained his senses, at least now the tips of his fingers he felt them, although he had a strong sense of itching as if small currents of energy pierced his skin or as it was needles, it was not so painful.

'' My god, at least I can feel my hands now, without them it would be harder to work ''

unfortunately for a Workaholic like him, he could only think about how his performance would diminish without his hands, it was for a good reason that he had no girls behind him.

'' my legs ... fu..., it seems they're in place ''

Bai Long tried to smile but his face hurt when he tried to do this, even though he could only smile more.

'' agh ... hurts! t-the pain is good in these cases ''

enduring the pain, he encouraged himself.

little by little the body regained more senses and could feel that the pain was not caused by the heat of an explosion but by a rather large weight on his body.

'' agh, maybe I'm under... debris? ''

his sight was a little blurred but he was trying to open his eyes to see what was in front of him, he could see the night sky in all its splendor, so he could deduce that it seemed like hours had passed after the accident.

'' ah!?, my sight haha ... cough cough ... my sight is blurred but at least I can see! ''

When he saw that his condition was much better than what he could have dreamed of, he became quite enthusiastic about it.

'' shit, I even look double for the effect of the explosion! although... the moons I see are too irregular, are not they? ''

in front of him was a clear sky and could feel a soft breeze on his skin, even his skin seemed to recover the sense of touch, but he felt no strength in his body even the beat of his heart was quite weak and the cold invaded him.

the night sky was clear and the stars shone with great vigor, he was not an expert in astronomy, but with his somewhat damaged vision, it did not make sense to look for the constellations he knew.

the pair of irregular moons in front of him was more than strange, one was large at least 3 times what the moon he remembered, and the other had a slight shade of reddish with a purple stripe running in a horizontal line, this moon was smaller than the other one but at the size of the one that he can remember.

'' ..., did blood enter my left eye? or will it be the right eye?... ah?!''

soon Bai Long realized his grave mistake because when closing his left eye, with his right eye he continued to see the 2 moons, this surprised him a little, but when he did the same with his other eye he felt his blood cool even more.

'' like ... how is it possible! ... ''

both eyes looked the same and with the same difference between the 2 moons, that could only say that his eyes did not play a trick on him, the moons that he looked upon were physical entities that were orbiting the earth!

'' ... ''

before this discovery he could only keep quiet and try to process it, he had never even thought that this could happen to him.

'This must be a joke ... I'm not the kind of person who asks for something like this!... I have a career that is going up! in 2 more years, I would have a chair on the board!... '

his gaze was desperate as he could not take his eyes off the two moons, which at the moment seemed to coldly contemplate how the inner world of one more insect collapsed and they were the best evidence of his small and insignificant.

for a few moments, he stayed without doing anything even without noticing how his strength returned little by little and with it more pain for whatever it was that was pressing him.

'How is it even possible for me to get here? It's been years since the age of fantasizing about this kind of thing ... this must be a dream ...'

Bai Long could only reject his current reality and think that everything was a nightmare, he did not believe in hell or heaven so those ideas did not go through his head, besides he had some knowledge of geek culture of Chinese and Japanese anime so I knew what kind of situation this was.

'' haha everything is a stupid dream !, tomorrow I have to go and accuse that 'crow nose' with the red party ... this bastard is not saved! ... which is ... what is this smell? ''

just when the idea of dreaming helped him to keep his sanity, a sweet and metallic smell assaulted his nose in addition to the pain of being pressed was accentuated, but soon his mind deduced what the smell was because it was an instinctive and repulsive smell.

''blood? but ... I do not feel any injury ... ''

his voice was low and with some doubt, when he turned to the side with some difficulty, what he saw almost made him let out a scream that if not for not having air he would have given it.

'' Mother of God !, a corpse! As ... as possible, I was too far away from all the people! besides ... this guy is ... ''

Bai Long's breathing was erratic because the weight he had on it was not any rubble, rather it was the body of a middle-aged man with light brown hair, something long and rebellious with obvious fat of not bathing for a long period of time

but this guy had a prominent beard and his eyes were lifeless, the guy's features were fierce and he looked desperate before he died.

'' What a damn place it is ... it's this! ''

'' help! h-help! ''

Bai Long still did not notice the fact that he spoke a language that he had never even heard and with linguistic rules different from those of Mandarin and more similar to the languages of the western sphere of influence.

his screams were barely audible a few meters away, and he seemed to be in a desolate place.

'' How ... how do I get here? ''

Bai Long felt desperation for his bewilderment never before experienced, with the few forces he had tried to remove the heavy body of the man above him, but the attempts were futile.

'' Damn, damn! a house, a car, a wife and a couple of children! that was all I asked for! a chair on the council and a salary of 7 digits! ''

his world had been smashed to pieces and the only thing that he kept was the feeling of helplessness in the face of irrational violence, he had never noticed how helpless he was in his daily life but with a cadaver taking his breath little by little it was more than obvious that it was a chicken in a world of wolves, it was not even a sheep.

'' yuck ... ''

while he was writhing under the body of the man, the weight of the body was more and with it the constriction in his stomach making him vomit whatever he had in it.

'' ighh ... ''

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He had forgotten when it had been the last time he had cried, but his despair was so great that only then could he let off steam.

not knowing how long it took him to get out from under the body, Bai Long found himself lying on the floor, without strength, mud, and blood smeared on his body.


when he sat down to see his surroundings he could only remain silent, a mud road in the middle of nowhere, low forest and some bodies that had no apparent movement.

Seeing his hands, he felt a shock go through his body, were small and soft hands, which could not be his, quickly looked at his feet and the situation was the same.

'' a child ... or perhaps! ''

He quickly inspected his crotch as the hands were white and delicate and if this was that kind of situation as in the novels he had read things quickly could go to worse ... much worse.

'' ... agh, haha at least that's still in place ... ''

'' Y-Young Mast-ter ''

'' ahh ... who's talking? ''

while he was glad that everything was still in place or at least the most important thing he heard a voice similar to a dying voice, his eyes could only follow the source of this sound to be deposited in the body that had been on top of it, the look of the Man was a bit desperate but it seemed he was not hostile to him.

'Maybe he knows the origin of this body ... I can only admit that I've crossed'

'' Ki ... m ''

'' ah? What do you say?''

'' Ki ... im ''

the man seemed to try to say something but he could not even breathe, Bai Long could see how the man was more desperate to give his last words, it was obvious that he was beyond all salvation.

'' ... ''

Bai Long could only see how the man with effort approached a hand to his chest and then without giving him time to react he threw something at the feet of Bai Long giving him a scare.

''! ''

Bai Long stepped back 1 step and saw that the middle-aged man had thrown right in the place he was before.

''A dagger? Do you want to kill me?! ... ''

Bai Long clenching his teeth took the dagger and walked two steps to reproach the dying man, but this was useless.

'' He has gone... what are you wanted to say, buddy? ''

'Kim?... or he wanted to say... kill him?... kill who?'

Bai Long had mixed feelings because he was the first person who looked to die within inches of him and in such a bloody way.

but in that, without giving him time to respond, he felt a malicious intent as he had never felt, only once he had felt it in his life or something similar to it.

'' ah! ... ''

reacting by instinct, he reduced his already small size by bending his knees and made himself back, an inch from his face the blade of a sword crossed his face.

a man with a short beard with a rather thick garment of vegetal material was the one who wielded the sword, this one had a wound in the chest from where profusely blood flowed, with that last blow of the sword the blood only ran faster.

being a blow with his last forces, the man had no balance and he rushed on Bai Long.

'' dies..small shit ... ''

the man rushed to fall as heavy as he could on Bai Long to which Bai Long only managed to raise his hands forgetting that in them he had the dagger that the other man had given him.

perhaps by fate or mere coincidence the dagger entered the man's neck completely and came out clean, cutting the artery and killing the already moribund attacker almost instantly.

Bai Long only felt the serious impact of the body and how heavy it was.

his mind was in chaos and the fact of killing a man did not even enter this, he just wanted to live!

'' a chair on the board, a wife, a house ... children ... I only want that ... ''

Bai Long lost consciousness while repeating this, again and again, the warm blood of the attacker's body kept him warm in the cold night, so the risk of attracting beasts was much greater than comfort could grant.


Svínakjöt was the leader in the assault of the village but was scared when one of his men told him that the son of the Great Chief had come on his boat, but even worse when he learned that the little kid had fled when he saw how they were plundering the village!

he had sent two of his men on horseback to find him, and finding that some of the enemies in the town they had caught were missing, he could only come to one conclusion.

'' Fuck those bastards are not rivals for those guys ''

Svínakjöt even burst a horse so he could get there as fast as he could being the only road that left the village they only have a way to go in the night, so search them was not difficult, but when he arrived at the point of the fight he only found dead bodies, there was no doubt that the fight had been fierce, 2 of his dead men was what it hurt him more.

'' Shit ... at least Heikko seems not to be among them ''

just when he said this he realized his mistake, because a thin hand could be seen under one of the 4 enemies that had escaped by the same path and now has died in the mud road.

'' If the boy is dead ... ''

Svínakjöt did not dare follow his sentence because he knew that death would be a gift compared to the punishment the Great Chief would give him for something like that.

As he removed the body and felt the weak breathing of the boy in his fingers he knew that Heikko was living, Svínakjöt sighed in relief.

'' haha the boy is alive and complete, I do not think the Great Chief will cut anything from my body!''

When Svínakjöt saw that the boy was okay and he put the boy in the horse he has stolen, after that, he climbed on the horse to slowly return to where the boat and his men were in the village.

Bai Long unknowingly had followed the fate that the boy Heikko had left, and not only that but It would provide much more color than the boy originally could have in his life!

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