Return Of The Malevolent Star
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Return Of The Malevolent Star


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What is Return Of The Malevolent Star

Read Return Of The Malevolent Star novel written by the author Divine_Empress_344 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, cultivation, transmigration, royalfamily. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Jiang Ru Shi was a ex-world-hopper and a perfect one at that. She was very skilled in medicine, almost all the time she used to practice medicine or made them or treated sick people, moreover she loved making new medicine. All in one, she had a really good life after being reincarnated in a normal world with her memories of being a world-hopper. But, who knew the next morning was going to be a whole new part of her life. Everything was different there and too cliche [-.-] It seemed it was the ancient china no, no...the place wasn't seemed to be from the normal world, it was a cultivation world; it was world where people needed to cultivate spiritual power, however Jiang Ru Shi was known as the number one trash in the whole Yufeng continent, who couldn't cultivate any spiritual power. Extra Cliche! She also discovered many new things within her journey, she found the little celestial-space ring , the possession of a spiritual plant space, with the help of it she could make dead corpses into living beings. Even the people who mocked her came to her door to apologize to her. Even, Rushi's so called the 'ex-fiancé' so called the eighth prince, who previously broke the engagement, also wanted to reconcile with her. But Rushi loved face-slapping the most so that's what she did! But she wants a reverse harem! And that's what happened! This is a story in which the perfect-ex-world-hopper became the Heavens Favourite OP Female Lead Goddess from being the Wanted Criminal chased after by the Same Heaven. "The picture of this book is taken from pinterest., so the credit goes to the owner!"

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Hi guys, I hope you like this story. I tried my best to make it interesting and twisted. The FL is kind of naughty but she is nice and kind to her friends. The FL has a interesting story and she has a past-life. And about the ML, if you just read my book you will find him; he is very mysterious.


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