Return of the Lunatic Demon Emperor Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Return of the Lunatic Demon Emperor


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"Fucking Old Demon! I am here today to make sure that you pay for sullying my body!" "Disgusting Demon, I am here to avenge my fallen sect that you destroyed and today, I am going to make sure that you wish that you are not born!" "Xi Yun you Old Demon, your sins are not going to be forgiven for you have killed countless people just to cultivate your Celestial Demonic Moth!" "Today we all banded to get rid of these world's greatest evil!" Xi Yun looks at the countless people in front of him. He is already cornered and he has nothing that he can do to save himself from the predicament that he is in. 'I have no choice but to use the Celestial Demonic Moth now to get out of this situation' Xi Yun thought while activating the powers of his spirit and his greatest treasure, the Celestial Demonic Moth which is said to be able to manipulate time. Xi Yun used it and he is soon engulfed by a dark aura, and at the next moment, he is back, back to 1000 years in the past. The time where he is nothing but a simple transmigrator. ....


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